Vacasa and Lancaster Designs fall to MuniPlan

Vacasa and Lancaster Designs fall to MuniPlan
MuniPlan's Ashley Frizsman tries to get the soccer ball past Eric Pullen for team Vacasa Sept. 23. - Monica Simpson | Sun

Week two of the adult co-ed soccer season saw back-to-back night action on The Center’s pitch. Sato Real Estate and MuniPlan were the only two teams to capture two wins in the week.

Sato Real Estate, currently undefeated with a record of 3-0, is followed closely by the powerhouse Blalock Walters team. Moss Builders and MuniPlan round out the leaderboard with records of 2-1.

Winning both of their games last week was critical for the start of the season for MuniPlan.

Coming off of a loss last week, MuniPlan came on the field looking for their first win of the season. Despite Vacasa’s Trey Horne’s 11 saves, the team could not find the net enough times, losing to MuniPlan 2-4, with Jessica Williams scoring the only goals for her team.

MuniPlan started to gel as a team last Wednesday night against Vacasa with single goals by Nathan Kragt and Ryan Hogan. Teammate Sean Flynn, co-founder of Flynn Law, P.A., scored the other two goals in the game for the win.

Without the number one pick Kragt and one of last season’s high scorers Ashley Friszman, the MuniPlan squad handily took on team Lancaster Designs, with late add-on goalkeeper Edgar Bartolon who had 15 saves in Thursday night’s game.

Team MuniPlan utilized the goalkeeping skills of three of their players, Ben Sato, Flynn and Mark Long, who are versatile enough to make a difference in goal and on the field.

The MuniPlan team also spread the joy in goal scoring with Flynn, Hogan and Steve Oelfke, credited with single goals each. Sato and Zach Long, brother of Mark, both had two goals in the game.

Scoring Thursday night for Lancaster Design was limited to Juan Carlos and Rico Beissert, who played goalie last week for his team.

Sato Real Estate’s Amy Ivin scored five goals in Wednesday night’s game against Moss Builders. Connor Bystrom got a hat trick for Ross Built Construction, along with three goals for Flynn Law’s Chris Scott, returning to the league this season after an injury.

Thursday night Moss Builders’ Keith Mahoney and Gerardo Urbiola both had three goals contributing to their team’s win. Vintage Beach’s Joseph Hutchinson found the net three times against Blalock Walters.

League high scorer Ivin, with a total of 11 goals in the first three games, capped off the night with three more goals for the week, showing why she is the top female pick in the league season after season.

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