Big kids play the field: Fall adult soccer season kicks off

Big kids play the field: Fall adult soccer season kicks off
Sato Real Estate's Tim Holly, who scored the first goal of the season, prepares to handle the soccer ball with a defender on his back. - Monica Simpson | Sun

The adult co-ed fall soccer season is underway with the first kickoff between Sato Real Estate and a new sponsor with team Vintage Beach led by team captain Joseph Hutchison.

The game looked like it would be a runaway by Josh Sato’s Sato Real Estate. The Center’s Sports Program Coordinator, Tim Holly, scored the first goal of the season to put Sato’s team up on the scoreboard early.

Holly, who grew up playing sports at the Island’s community center as a youth, was also credited with his own goal, giving Vintage Beach momentum after the 4-0 run by Sato Real Estate.

With additional points on the board by Sato, Nate Talucci, two by newcomer Race Aranda and a hat trick by veteran and top pick female player Amy Ivin, Sato Real Estate eked out the victory with the final score 7-6.

Vintage Beach’s captain had three goals of his own, along with two by league rookie Zach Reda and a solo net shot by Juan Alvarez.

Sato Real Estate’s Olaf Krause was credited with 11 saves as the team’s keeper. Meanwhile on the other side of the field, Vintage spread the defensive duties at goal between Hutchison, Clancy Vaughn, Reda and Cole Peterson, each with saves in the record book.

Ross Built Construction finished their first game of the season looking like one of the teams to beat against team Vacasa.

Vacasa playing without their starting goalkeeper, Trey Horne, Ross Built’s Lexi Sato and Damir Glavan both had three goals in the game, with Kevin Roman finding the net twice and team captain Greg Ross putting up a point of his own. Sato’s goals came in the first five minutes of the game.

Goalie Mark Rudacille stopped 11 shots against him by the Vacasa crew. Captain Stetson Mathews shot a goal for his Vacasa team, along with single goals by Nick Bouchard, Jessica Williams and Lyn Clarke.

The Center’s Associate Director, Connor Haughey, was credited with two goals and two assists in the game for Vacasa, with back-up goalie David Greene making 12 saves in the game.

The strong offensive work by Ross Built Construction gave the team the win with the score 9-6.

The third game of the night was a runaway encounter with Moss Builders coming out on top with seven goals in the game. Keith Mahoney, team captain, had a hat trick to be matched by teammate Gerardo Urbiola. Moss Builders co-owner, Ryan Moss, put up a goal of his own.

The strong Moss Builders’ defense kept the soccer ball away from their goalkeeper, Jordan DeMers, limiting his need to make saves. His eight saves and two misses, with goals by Lancaster Designs’ Miguel Ajoy and Drew Jacobsen, gave Moss Builders the win with the score 7-2.

League favorite Rico Beissert played goalie for Lancaster Designs. Beissert showed everyone why he is just as strong protecting the house, with 14 saves, as he is on the open field.

The standout squad sponsored by Blalock Walters took the final win of the night against team MuniPlan. The team, with a new sponsor to the center, held their own against a faster squad, ending the game with the score 4-2.

Ben Sato and Sean Flynn shared the goalkeeper position for MuniPlan, with nine and six saves, respectively. Flynn was the first to score for his team, to be followed late in the game by a net shot by Nathan Kragt.

League newbie Luke Grady made 11 saves for Blalock Walters to be supported with goals by captain Matt Staggs, Robbie Fellowes and Brooke Capparelli, who also grew up playing sports at The Center for years.

With a bye week, Flynn Law has yet to show everyone their potential in a season that looks to be well-matched leading up to the championship game on Dec. 19.

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