‘Miracle Baby’ needs help

‘Miracle Baby’ needs help
Arianna Wade weighed only 11 ounces at birth. - Submitted

ANNA MARIA – A child born three months premature on April 19, 2016, to Roser Community Church Facilities Administrator Charles Wade and his wife, Brenda, still faces a rocky future. Her parents and Roser officials are asking the Island community for help in the form of prayer and money.

Arianna Wade weighed only 11 ounces when she was born and, at that time, she was the smallest ever born at Sarasota Hospital. She became known as the “Miracle Baby” and on Dec. 19, 2016, Arianna came home from the hospital. She was considered to a great Christmas present for Charles and Brenda. On Dec. 12, 2018, Arianna played the part of Baby Jesus in the annual Roser Walk to Bethlehem.

Miracle Baby Arianna Wade
‘Miracle Baby’ Arianna Wade is now three years old.

Arianna has been undergoing ongoing treatment at St. Petersburg Children’s Hospital, and when she recently went in for a routine procedure to open up her airway, doctors discovered there was nothing more they could do for her. They referred her to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Once again, the church and family are asking for help in the form of prayers and money. Those wishing to help with the upcoming expenses may go to www.roserchurch.com/give to donate online (use the Arianna Miracle Fund line item) or make checks payable to Roser Church and note “For Arianna” on the memo line. Donations can be dropped off at the church office or mailed to Roser Church, PO Box 247, Anna Maria, FL 34216. The money that comes in will be distributed to Charles Wade on a monthly basis.