Youth indoor soccer heats up the summer

Youth indoor soccer heats up the summer
The youth indoor soccer league action is heating up at The Center. - Submitted |

As the temperature of the summer heats up, so does the action on the indoor soccer court at The Center on Anna Maria Island.

With more than half of the games played in the season, the dominant teams in both the Intermediate and Advanced leagues have risen to the top, but the season is still young and the championship is any single team’s to win.

Last Tuesday night Cloud Pest Control and Island Vacation Properties faced off, with Cloud eeking out the win, and both teams have very similar mid-season records in the Intermediate league.

Cyrus Ryan was credited with a hat trick, scoring all three goals for Cloud Pest Control. Clancy Cusack and Kason Davis scored a single goal each for Island Vacation Properties.

In the second game of the night during Intermediate league action, Moss Builders once again dominated, beating Solid Rock Construction with a score of 3-0. Dylan Sato scored two goals and Jackson Titen had a solo goal for the Moss Builders squad.

The last two match-ups of the night saw the Advanced league teams go head-to-head. Team Ugly Grouper struggled against both of their opponents in the back-to-back games.

Team AMI Locals won their game against Ugly Grouper, ending with the game score of 5-1. Will Wright scored the single goal for Team Ugly Grouper.

Evan Talucci hit the net twice for AMI Locals, with teammate Savana Coba scoring a hat trick of her own.

Victor Albrecht scored the lone goal in the final game of the night for Ugly Grouper. Top-ranked G&G Yardscaping played with a tremendous amount of teamwork, with assists by Katie Stembridge, Ryan Joseph, Cale Rudacille and Connor Samblis.

Each of the G&G players with assists also scored goals, with Samblis credited with three goals in the game, clinching the win with a score of 6-1.

With one more week of regular-season indoor soccer play on the schedule, the youth players continue to play hard toward the championship game on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 5 p.m.

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