Tourist tax collections 2019

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Here’s a look at tourist tax collections in Anna Maria Island’s three cities. Numbers reflect the approximate change from the same month in the previous year.

2019 tourist tax collections compared to 2018 


Anna Maria ↑ 1%

Bradenton Beach ↓ 1%

Holmes Beach  ↑ 6%

Manatee County ↑ 2%


Anna Maria ↑ 6%

Bradenton Beach ↑ 12%

Holmes Beach  ↑ 19%

Manatee County ↑ 11%


Anna Maria ↑ 6%

Bradenton Beach ↑ 6%

Holmes Beach  ↑ 9%

Manatee County ↑ 9%


Anna Maria ↑ 21%

Bradenton Beach ↑ 7%

Holmes Beach  ↑ 5%

Manatee County ↑ 18%


Anna Maria ↑ 2%

Bradenton Beach ↑ 2%

Holmes Beach  ↑ 3%

Manatee County ↑ 15%

The local 5 percent tourist tax is collected from owners of accommodations rented for six months or less who charge the tax to their renters, in most cases, tourists.

Tax proceeds are allocated to Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau tourism marketing efforts, beach renourishment, tourism-related attractions such as the Bishop Museum and the Bradenton Beach and Anna Maria piers, and administrative costs.

Resort tax increases reflect both increased visitation and improved tax collection efforts. Amounts shown were collected by tourism operators in the month specified and paid to the Manatee County Tax Collector’s Office the following month.

Manatee County numbers include Anna Maria Island cities, Bradenton, the portion of Longboat Key within Manatee County, unincorporated Manatee County and Palmetto.

To anonymously report a rental owner who may not be paying the tax, call 941-741-4809 or click here.

Source: Manatee County Tax Collector’s Office