Prepare your pets for storms

Prepare your pets for storms
Prepare your pet to weather hurricane season. - Cindy Lane | Sun
Where will your pets ride out a hurricane?
  • Motels/hotels
  • Veterinarian
  • Kennel
  • Friends/relatives
  • Pet-friendly evacuation shelters (Braden River High School, Manatee High School, Mills Elementary School) – requirements are:
    • First come, first served
    • Pets must remain in carrier or cage except for scheduled exercise times
    • Current rabies vaccination certificates
    • Two family member limit in the pet-friendly area
    • Owners must stay with pets at all times
    • Owners must provide food and supplies
    • Owners must not permit other shelter occupants to handle or approach pets
    • Owners are responsible for the care, feeding, and handling of their pets
Pet supply kit
  • ID collar and rabies license tag
  • Photo ID of pet
  • Carrier or cage
  • Water and food bowls
  • Food and water supply to last about three days
  • Manual can opener
  • Leash or harness
  • Medications
  • Potty pads/plastic bags/litter box/litter for waste disposal
  • Pet bed
  • Toys and comfort items
  • Muzzles, if necessary
  • First aid supplies
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Grooming items
  • ID on all belongings
  • Current photos and description of your pets in case you get separated
  • Pet information sheet including:
    • The name and address of your vet
    • Immunization records
    • Rabies license tag number
    • Microchip number
    • Feeding schedules
    • Medical conditions and medication list
    • Special care instructions
    • Behavioral issues (in case you must leave your pets in someone else’s care)
What not to do
  • Don’t leave your pet alone in your home
  • Don’t leave your pet tied or chained outside your home
  • Don’t leave your pet in a vehicle
  • Don’t let your pet wander outside after the storm