Prepare your boat for a hurricane

Prepare your boat for a hurricane
- Cindy Lane | Sun

As a storm approaches, don’t neglect to protect your boat.

  • Make a plan well in advance to secure your boat during a hurricane.
  • Small, open boats and high-performance powerboats with low freeboard should be trailered and transported inland.
  • Boats ashore should be stored well above the anticipated storm surge.
  • Reduce windage as much as possible. Dig a hole for your sailboat keel or lay smaller sailboats on their sides.
  • Make sure your boat has extra jack stands, at least three or four on each side for boats under 30 feet and five or six for larger boats. The jack stands should be supported by plywood and chained together.
  • Strap boats down to eyes embedded in concrete or earth augers.
  • Boats in the water should be secured in a snug harbor. Boats on lifts should be tied to the lifts.
  • At a marina, use sturdy pilings and trees one or two slips away to secure boats using longer-than-normal dock lines.