‘Flea’ a funny, French farce

‘Flea’ a funny, French farce
Daniel Coppinger, left, as Victor Chandebise, tries to get away from Brannon Westfall, as his nephew Camille Chandebise, in this rehearsal photo of “A Flea in Her Ear.” - Tom Vaught | Sun

ANNA MARIA – “A Flea in Her Ear” is a funny story written in 1907 by Frenchman Georges Feydeau and adapted by David Ives. There’s a bevy of funny situations as Raymonde, played by Nancy Denton, believes her husband, Victor, played by Daniel Coppinger, is cheating on her so she sends him a letter under a false name inviting him to meet her at Hotel Coq d’Or, a bawdy hotel.

Victor doesn’t take the bait, but he comes down to the hotel with a friend who wants to know the identity of the person who sent the letter.

This play has a number of things going on and there are more than a dozen characters who all gave great performances. But Daniel Coppinger was stellar as Victor and as Poche, the hotel bellboy who looks just like Victor. Poor Victor is mistaken for Poche and likewise Poche for Victor.

Adding to the mayhem, Mark Woodland plays Don Carlos Homenides de Histnagua, a brash Spaniard who thinks somebody is after his wife, Lucienne, played by Judy Glynn, and he threatens people with his pistol.

Camile Chandebise, Victor’s nephew played by Brannon Westfall, gets rid of his speech impediment by inserting a device in his mouth, but he loses it and spends a lot of time searching for it. Westfall was brilliant in his role and added greatly to the laughs.

There is some slamming of doors slapstick as all the characters end up at the motel and when the truth is found out, “A Flea in Her Ear” is worth the money.

This play is the first one Kelly Lynn Woodland directed at the Island Players 25 years ago. She showed her talent, if not her patience, by getting everyone in the cast on the same track.

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