Letters to the Editor: Where did you go, “Island time?”

The Holmes Beach City Commission appears to want to “speed up” Island traffic by adopting regulations designed to effectively eliminate golf carts. These regulations are presented in the name of safety but really represent the frustration of those who want to drive faster on our tiny Island.

Where/why do we want/need to go faster? Aren’t we all here to see children/grandchildren/tourists enjoy the beauty of our fresh air paradise? There is no statistical evidence that seat belts save lives at 20 MPH. Child car seats in a golf cart is “helicopter policing;” parents can be relied upon to protect their children.

Golf carts don’t kill people on this Island, automobiles kill people here– look it up.

For whom do we want to speed up traffic – the contractor’s pickup trucks and their landscaper’s flotillas?

Why do we need any speed limit above 25 MPH in Holmes Beach?

Every errand in an (electric) golf cart is one less automobile emission.

When I purchased my AMI home 10 years ago, I was drawn by the ethic of “Island time,” no need to go faster. The industry of the Island is tourism. Do the tourists feel the need to go faster? Don’t they rent the golf carts and other non-traditional vehicles to enhance enjoyment for them and their families which ultimately leads them to come back each year?

The Holmes Beach Commission should eliminate regulations that are not fact-based nor in the interest of the AMI experience. Life is better on “Island time.”

Will Flinn and Michele Lentz

Holmes Beach