Anna Maria officials share hopes

Anna Maria officials share hopes
Commission chair Brian Seymour, Commissioner Amy Tripp and Mayor Dan Murphy will help steer the city through the new year. - Joe Hendricks | Sun

ANNA MARIA – Mayor Dan Murphy and Anna Maria Commissioners Brian Seymour and Amy Tripp recently shared their hopes for the city in 2019.

Completing the pier project and continuing the city’s drainage and street paving improvements currently sit atop the mayor’s to-do list.

“I’d really like to see some progress on red tide, but that’s not on my agenda. Something needs to be done; resources need to be put toward that,” Murphy said.

Murphy said the section of the new mixed-use trail that opened along Gulf Drive in October is a good start but there’s more to do regarding the expansion of the trail.

Now in his second term, Seymour will serve as the commission chair this year.

“My wish for the new year is that we have a new city pier by the end of 2019,” Seymour said.

“I would like to see the commission continue to look forward and utilize our long-term plan to focus on things that directly impact our residents, such as increased flood control measures, paving, infrastructure and other things that will help to make the city more livable for all residents.

“I hope the mayor and city staff continue, and maybe even add to, the city events at City Pier Park that help build our community spirit: the farmer’s market, Movies in the Park, our holiday events and more,” Seymour said.

“I wish for 2019 to leave everyone, happy, healthy and better off than 2018 has. Hopefully, there’s no return of red tide to our beautiful beaches that truly showcase what a special place we all live in,” he concluded.

Also in her second term as a commissioner, Tripp said, “I believe we will see significant progress in the new pier, more drainage management and my fingers are crossed that we will have more multiple use paths. I am pleased with the city team: the mayor, the sitting commission, the city staff and our city’s volunteer base.

“We are fortunate that we were still able to retain our city’s home rule after last year’s state legislative session, however, that will be back again. Losing home rule is one of Anna Maria’s biggest threats to the quality of living we currently have. Without home rule and local regulations, local accountability and safety will be greatly reduced,” Tripp said.

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