Little cleats, lots of fun

sports soccer little cleats
Coach Meghan rewards the little players by pretending to be their favorite animal last Tuesday night. - Monica Simpson | Sun

The chill in the air last Tuesday night was paired with the sounds of youth soccer at The Center of Anna Maria Island. Several weeks into the fall soccer season, little kids as young as three years old up to 13 years old have been hitting the pitch Tuesday and Wednesday nights for futbal action.

The smallest little cleats learn the essentials with the help of volunteer coaches like Meghan Horner who take time out of their busy weekly schedule to spend an hour with the Island area boys and girls.

Wearing cleats, the little ballers in their long socks hold their shin guards as they excitedly kick the soccer ball down and around the field with Coach Horner and her assistants. During the 60 minute clinic, sponsored by The Freckled Fin, the kids work on shooting drills with the pop-up goals and passing “drills”.

Playing a fun game, Coach Horner helped the players learn how to dribble the soccer ball by keeping it close to them. In the exercise, if the ball hit the coach, the kids chose an animal that the coach pretends to be as the reward.

Cats, elephants, lizards and more delight the clinic goers as they learn the game of soccer while having fun in the sun.

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