Domination on the pitch: Sato Real Estate undefeated

Center soccer Sato
In the ready position, Moss Builders’ goal keeper Olaf Krause prepares to stop the shot of Amy Ivin, of Sato Real Estate, in case Ryan Moss’ defensive effort are not enough. - Monica Simpson | Sun

The outcome of each of the three adult co-ed soccer games on the Island field was lopsided, to say the least. The three winners finished at least five goals over their opponents, but in the end, Team Belgium, sponsored by Sato Real Estate, has proven to be the dominant team in the group of seven.

Sato faced Moss Builders, a team that appeared equally strong a couple of weeks ago but just could not find the net this week, and the Belgium scoring got out of hand.

With Scott Bear and Olaf Krause in the goal for their teams, the game started out even and looked to be an exciting matchup.

Moss Builders’ Team Brazil started on the scoreboard with the first goal by Matthew Castro only 90 seconds into the game.

After back and forth movement of the soccer ball down the field, team captain Josh Sato hit the first of two goals with a rocket shot, tying the game.

Both teams presented a strong defensive front in the first half of the game. Sato Real Estate’s Joe Jones sent the ball to Sato setting up for the second goal for the team, pushing it ahead 2-1.

Second round pick Amy Ivin moved the ball skillfully around Moss Builders defenders, putting herself in striking position. Ivin’s goal at the 18th minute of the game gave Team Belgium a two-point lead.

Ivin was on the move again with Team Brazil’s Ray Gardener hot on her heels. Ivin’s shot was saved by team captain Ryan Moss, now in the goalkeeper position.

Looking to close the gap, Moss Builders’ Chris Scott took the free kick on the opposite end of the field. Scott’s shot went off the hands of Bear, presenting Team Brazil another scoring opportunity. Moss’ team could not take advantage of the scoring chance.

To seal the deal on the first half of play, Sato moved the ball to Jones, who found Ivin in scoring position. With Moss out of position at the goal, Ivin shot her second goal of the game, despite efforts by Aaron Parkin to stop the ball.

Up by three goals, Sato Real Estate made easy work of the field and game during the last 23 minutes of play.

Sato’s Jones scored his sole goal of the game, giving his team a four-point lead with the score 5-1.

In the 37th minute of the game, Moss Builders managed to find the net for the last time with a goal by Castro.

Sato Real Estate’s Zack Lieb nabbed goal of his own too late in the game. Ivin sealed the deal with the game-ending goal pushing the Team Belgium lead and the score to 7-2, making her team the clear leader of the pack as the regular season winds down.