Where to get weather alerts

Get a Plan

Here are several ways to receive up-to-date information about severe weather.

  • Go online to the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) website. From there, Floridians can sign up for electronic severe weather alerts specific to their community.
  • Buy a weather radio, preferably one that uses batteries and has crank-power capabilities. Radios broadcast continuous updates and weather-related safety information from the closest National Weather Service office.
  • Call the FDEM State Assistance and Information Line, or SAIL, at 800-342-3557. FDEM activates the toll-free hotline during emergencies.
  • Connect with local emergency managers on social media. Every Florida county has an emergency management office and many are active on social media. Floridians may search for and follow their community’s office on Twitter or Facebook to interact with them and get severe weather updates.
  • Connect with FDEM on social media. Follow FDEM on Twitter @FLSERT and find them on Facebook.
  • Enable Wireless Emergency Alerts on mobile devices. Many cell phones are capable of receiving automatic WEAs that provide local emergency alerts. Floridians can receive WEAs at all times since cell network congestion does not affect messages and providers offer the service for free.
  • Pay attention to local media. Local radio, television, newspapers and websites are great sources for continuous weather updates and advisories.

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