FDOT: Only one building affected by bridge

FDOT Cortez Bridge
The red arrow points to the vacant car repair shop that will be torn down to make room for a retention pond for the new Cortez Bridge. - Submitted | Sun

CORTEZ – If the current plans for the 65-foot clearance replacement for the Cortez Bridge hold true, the only structural casualty of the project will be a vacant car repair shop about two blocks east of the Seafood Shack, according to an aerial photo provided by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Communications Manager Zachary Burch.

In an email, Birch said, “The bridge ends just past 127th St. W. and matches the existing pavement just west of 124th St. Court W., so it does not impact the historic village of Cortez.”

A video showing the landing points of the bridge may be viewed at the Cortez Bridge project website. Burch said the video is tentative as they don’t have the formal design yet.

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