Team Planet Stone gains solid victory

center team Planet Stone soccer
Planet Stone’s goalkeeper, Evan Talucci , readies himself for the shot by Salty Printing’s Frankie Coleman. - Monica Simpson | Sun

In their third match-up of the season, Team Salty Printing and Team Planet Stone took the field Tuesday night May 1 with plenty of spectators on hand to cheer them on in a strongly competitive game.

With two age groups combined to make a league, older, more seasoned players teamed up with younger ballers, who proved themselves on the field by stepping up their game.

Goalkeepers Evan Talucci, for Planet Stone, and Salty Printing’s Fiona McCarthy protected their team’s goal with agility, quick reflexes and leadership.

Talucci started the game, setting the defensive tone with great saves. McCarthy worked her position with confidence, but could not stop a solid shot by Planet Stone’s Aiden Templeton that went off her hand and into the net.

Down by one point, Jack Mattick quickly showed why he is a force on the field with a shot on goal that was saved by Talucci.

Salty Printing proved its own defensive strength with confident play by Madeline Lessig and Cale Rudacille. Lessig’s tenacity stopped Templeton’s forward offensive progress, preventing the shot.

Given another chance on offense, Templeton took the soccer ball down the field in front of the net only to be met by Michael Coleman. Coleman stopped Templeton giving Salty Printing another chance on offense.

Mattick dribbled the ball down the field and found Frankie Coleman in scoring position. Talucci used his body in a nerves of steel move to make the save on the ground.

Caden Quinby put his first goal into the net with eight minutes left in the half to tie the ball game, giving Salty Printing the mental boost it needed.

Two minutes later, Planet Stone’s Nick Yatros put the ball between the posts past the goalie to move his team ahead again.

A slide tackle call was made against Salty Printing with four minutes on the scoreboard, giving Templeton the free kick that went just wide of the left post.

As the time ticked off the game clock, Rudacille provided critical defensive pressure, stopping the scoring push by Planet Stone. Despite the strong offensive push, the Salty Printing defensive was able to hold off its opponent to end the half.

Krosby Lamison started the second half of play in the key defensive position as the keeper, giving Talucci time on the field.

Templeton stopped the strong push toward the goal by M. Coleman and Jack McCarthy. Planet Stone’s Evie Baugher played phenomenally fearless defense against Jack Mattick, stopping his scoring opportunities.

Stealing the ball from Salty Printing with 16 minutes left in the game, Templeton dribbled to midfield and found Yatros open. Unselfish, Yatros made a long pass to Talucci. Sprinting Talucci got his foot on the soccer ball with a solid pass to Yatros in front of the goal for his second score.

With a point deficit, Salty Printing continued to fight hard on the pitch. Off a throw-in by M. Coleman, Mattick scored his team’s second goal of the game, moving the score to 3-2.

In less than a minute, Mattick got another shot off and hit the net.

Team Plant Stone put Talucci back in the goalkeeper position to guide his team for the remaining eight minutes of the game.

After K. Lamison took a hard hit by the ball in the stomach, Templeton found his next opportunity to shoot. F. McCarthy just could not stop the rocket shot.

With the lead, Planet Stone continued to put the pressure on the Salty Printing team on both sides of the field with the help of Natalie Talucci, Malia Keith, Julia Baugher and Kasey Lamison.

Templeton’s last-second shot was stopped by F. Coleman right in front of the goal to end the game with Team Planet Stone the victors.