Legler Flynn Law locks down the win

Center soccer Legler Flynn
Veteran goalie Jason Sato takes the position to protect Acqua Aveda's goal from the strong shot of Legler Flynn's Amy Ivin. - Monica Simpson | Sun

Taking the field for the second game of the night on Thursday, April 26, Team Legler Flynn, without team captain and versatile player Sean Flynn, pulled out the win of the season against Eric Pullen and Team Acqua Aveda.

Working the field down a player and without their speed and endurance player Scott Eason, Acqua Aveda took a 3-0 lead thanks to shots by team captain Pullen.

Pullen’s first goal came five minutes into the game past goalkeeper Diego Felipe.

Legler Flynn played strong offensively, keeping the soccer ball on the Acqua Aveda side of the field for most of the first half, but shots taken were stopped with nerves of steel exhibited by one of the league’s top keepers, Jason Sato.

Center soccer
Jeremias Gramajo works to handle the ball for Team Acqua Aveda with Amy Ivin applying the pressure for Team Legler Flynn. – Monica Simpson | Sun

Despite a strong presence at the net, Diego was not able to stop the second missile shot by Pullen three minutes later, moving Acqua Aveda’s lead by two points.

Both teams moved the ball well, but defensive pressure at midfield prevented scoring until one breakaway play by Acqua Aveda that left Pullen all alone for his hat-trick shot.

Starting the second half of play with the league seeing the return of Jeff Walker on the field for Acqua Aveda, it is always interesting to see if a team with no one on the bench can keep the pace for the second 20 minutes of play.

After seven minutes ticked off the clock, Legler Flynn’s energy sparked with a goal by Shay Coleman. The Flynn-less team scored its second goal one minute later to close the scoring gap to 3-2.

As the game became more exciting and onlookers were on their feet, Christophe LeClainche hit the tying shot with one minute on the scoreboard clock.

On the official’s clock, both teams scrambled on the field with Acqua Aveda working to close out the game in a tie and Legler Flynn fighting to put the winning goal in the net.

With all of her shots blocked for more than 40 minutes, Amy Ivin hit her shot for the go-ahead point to finish the head-to-head with Legler Flynn victorious.