Million-dollar sales

Castles in the Sand

House styles are not that much different than fashion styles. What’s in fashion for housing may not change every year, but it does change frequently enough that buyers need to keep their antennas up.

This year Cortez is in line for a substantial change, one that the developers hope will preserve the integrity of the historic fishing village. But first let’s talk about what’s happened in the over $1 million range during October, November and December of last year.

Cortez did not have any over $1 million sales during these three months. During the previous three months it had one sale.

The city of Anna Maria had 9 sales ranging from $4,500,000 to $1,100,000. During the previous three months, there were 14 sales.

The combined towns of Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach had 11 $1 million or over sales ranging from $2,299,000 to $1,025,000. For the previous three months analyzed, there were 13.

As of this writing, the $1 million and over available properties and a few pending are as follows:

Cortez has five properties from $1,795,000 to $1,195,000. During the previous three months there were six.

The city of Anna Maria has 42 properties ranging from $4,595,000 to $1,049,000 with five of these over $3 million. During the previous three months there were 36.

Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach have a combined 47 properties, ranging from a large complex listed at $9,500,000 to $1,048,000. One of these is just under $5 million, and there are two over $3 million. During the last three-month period analyzed there were 56 properties.

Closed properties are from the Manatee County Property Appraiser’s Office, and the available properties are from the website, generally reflecting the properties on the Multiple Listing Service.

Now for the changes in Cortez. The Hunters Point Resort and Marina has been approved by Manatee County commissioners, who voted unanimously in favor. The new community fronts Cortez Road just east of the Cortez Bridge across from the historic fishing village. It will have water access via canals out to the Intracoastal and the Gulf and will be comprised of 86 single-story, cottage-style homes, 62 hotel rooms, and 48 boat slips, a marina, bistro, clubhouse and retail space.

What’s interesting about this innovative community is the size of the homes. The energy-efficient cottages are built to zero energy standards, with each home capable of producing as much if not more energy than it consumes. In addition, the cottages are only 500 square feet of air-conditioned interior space with multiple decks, including roof decks and driveways. The developer says these are not tiny houses, rather single-family homes designed with upscale interiors for buyers who are interested in downsizing and boating.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median size of an existing single-family home purchased in 2017 was 1,930 square feet, which was actually down from 2016 by 20 square feet. Maybe this is the latest trend in housing and Hunters Point is on to something.

Whether you’re buying a new dress or a new house, the important thing to remember is what actually fits your style and your lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to cost a million. I’ll be back again in three months with another $1 million and over report.