Don’t forget our veterans

U.S. flag

In this week’s paper, Cindy Lane features me as I was almost 50 years ago; a Marine in Vietnam.

There were no “John Wayne” moments for me in that war, no charging the enemy with rifles blazing. I was assigned to an artillery unit near Da Nang. Next to us was a larger base where supplies and ammo were sent to the troops near the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Some of our warriors were sent there to get away from the action but mortar and rocket attacks that
the enemy launched almost daily made that concept a joke.

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Vaught’s Vietnam

I was one of more than 2.7 million men and women who served during the conflict; they came in Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine uniforms and they fought a relentless enemy on their home turf.

Today we have a similar situation, fighting an enemy that swears to many different religions on their home turf. There are more females in our mix now, but we all believe in the one flag of the United States of America.

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day this year, I hope we remember these people are sacrificing their time, effort and, unfortunately, their lives in the service of their country.

Let us remember those who didn’t make it home to their families; and celebrate those who did.