Progressive Cabinetry shuts door on Blue Lagoon

Team Blue Lagoon
Girl power defenders Natalie Talucci and Madeline Lessig, for Team Blue Lagoon, work their end of the soccer field to stop the Progressive Cabinetry offense. - Monica Simpson | Sun

In their first match-up of the season, Team Progressive Cabinetry found victory against Team Blue Lagoon which came on the field looking for its first win in the season. With three Center Select team soccer players, Progressive Cabinetry had the distinct advantage. The smooth passing and team chemistry of Progressive comes from the many months of some of the squad playing together.

The game started with Victor Albrecht keeping guard of the Blue Lagoon net, while female MVP for the Progressive Cabinetry team, Lily Kawahata, wore the goalie pinny. Lighting up the field for Blue Lagoon was the duo of Gregory Jordan and Frankie Coleman. The pair fought hard and fought early for position on the field, striking hard and often, but they could not hit the net.

Natalie Talucci played tough defense for Blue Lagoon, sweeping the soccer ball out of bounds to prevent the Progressive Cabinetry goal early in the game. With just seven minutes left in the first half, Jack Mattick put the first point on the scoreboard with a rapid strike past the goalie.

Unable to keep the ball on the Progressive Cabinetry end of the field, the Blue Lagoon defense was forced to stay on its toes. Kieran Cloutier’s first of two shots in three minutes went wide left of the post and the second was saved by Albrecht.

With 30 seconds on the clock, Progressive scored its second goal, eking the soccer ball just past the fingertips of Albrecht.

In less than one minutes into the second half, a beautiful pass by Jordan gave Coleman the opportunity to rocket one past Liam Coleman, taking over the goalie responsibilities.

The second half of the game found Jack McCarthy in the goalkeeper position for Blue Lagoon. Teammate F. Coleman took another shot that landed just left of the goal. Talucci was supported by fellow defender Madeline Lessig, making it hard for the Progressive Cabinetry offense.

Mattick finally caught a break against the Blue Lagoon defense finding the net once again, giving his team a two-point lead.

For most of the second half the soccer ball was on the Blue Lagoon’s side of the field, challenging its defenders left and right. McCarthy put up several strong save stats.

The Progressive Cabinetry offense continued to show its strong stance on the field throughout the second half of play. With 11 minutes left on the game clock, the boys in the red Progressive jerseys passed the ball back and forth making their way down the soccer field.

After the second half water break, L. Coleman took over in goal, as did Jocelyn Raines for Blue Lagoon. The defensive fight by both teams ensued, with no scoring until the corner kick by Progressive Cabinetry’s Ewin Cloutier that went off the post into the net, moving the score to 4-1.

Kawahata made her offensive move striking the ball that sailed just to the right of the post. Magness Rollins followed up with the fall flying off his foot and into the goal for the team’s fifth and final goal of the game.

The win against Blue Lagoon last Tuesday and against Wash Family Construction on Saturday keeps Progressive Cabinetry at the top of the heap with just one loss so far in the season. In the last regular season games on Tuesday, Blue Lagoon go head-to-head with Progressive Cabinetry in a much-anticipated rematch.