That could be us

Hurricane Harvey

The images are becoming more and more difficult to watch. As Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast over the weekend, it dumped unbelievable amounts of rain on the area, leading to widespread flooding on a scale not seen since Hurricane Katrina.

The storm is expected to linger over that part of the country, continuing to soak the already saturated and battered coastline all the way east to Louisiana.

Efforts to save residents stranded in their flooded homes continue, and supplies of food, water and disinfectant are on their way from across the nation.

Locally, the folks over at Swordfish Grill in Cortez are a drop point for relief supplies. Bob Slicker and crew have a 30-foot covered trailer that will be headed out very soon. They are asking for donations of water, bleach, diapers and other nonperishables for delivery as soon as Wednesday to those in Texas.

Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in the path of Harvey. We are fully aware of how easily that could be Florida. If any readers know of more relief efforts locally please contact us here at The Sun and we will help get the word out.