Adult co-ed volleyball back in full swing

Air & Energy vs. Beach to Bay played Tuesday night for the victory in The Center's adult co-ed volleyball league.

After two long seasons with a dark gym and no action on the court, adult co-ed volleyball is back in full swing at The Center. With four teams going head-to-head each Tuesday night, veterans to the league face new faces as worthy opponents.

With rally scoring in place, the “bring your own team” league brings fun to The Center for friends and family to play and laugh together in a friendly competitive game of indoor adult co-ed volleyball.

Team Beach to Bay met its match against Team Air & Energy last Tuesday night. Team captain Michelle Laade along with teammates Laura Alderson, Vanessa Barahona, Tyler Bekkerus and Dave Norris fought hard through two games of play.

Team Air & Energy proved that more players do not necessarily mean a stronger team on the volleyball court. The team chemistry between team captain Pat Wright, Christine Wright, David Deaver and Russell Classman is evident and produces a top ranked team with a 3-0 record.

Solid serves by Laade and Alderson kept Beach to Bay in the game offensively, while Bekkerus’ athletic moves to get to the ball helped his team to put points on the scoreboard.

Serving aces by Deaver for Team Air & Energy put his team ahead early. Strong play by C. Wright and at the net threats by P. Wright and Classman stopped each scoring string by Team Beach to Bay.

The consistent and accurate setting by Norris along with the impassioned play by Barahona will continue to make them a threat on the court despite their 0-3 record. A win is right around the corner for the seasoned Beach to Bay team.

Going into the second half of the regular season matches, Team Anna Maria CrossFit is in second position with two wins and one loss. Team Intechgrate Systems’ win last week moved it past Team Beach to Bay with a 1-2 record.

Playoffs for the indoor adult co-ed volleyball league take place on March 7 with the championship game at 8:30 p.m.