Monday, July 22, 2019
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Judge rules CNOBB members violated Sunshine Law

Judge rules CNOBB members violated Sunshine Law

BRADENTON – Manatee County 12th Circuit Judge Edward Nicholas ruled Friday that former Planning and Zoning Board members Reed Mapes, John Metz, Patty Shay...
Sunshine trial gets underway

Sunshine trial gets underway

BRADENTON – The Sunshine Law lawsuit involving the city of Bradenton Beach and six former city advisory board members is underway. The civil trial began...
Commission considers and rejects three Sunshine settlements

Commission considers, rejects three Sunshine lawsuit settlements

BRADENTON BEACH – Bradenton Beach commissioners have rejected three proposed Sunshine Law lawsuit settlement offers. Earlier that day, Friday, June 28, lawsuit defendants Bill Vincent,...
Sunshine Depositions

Sunshine lawsuit depositions continue

BRADENTON BEACH – Former Planning and Zoning Board member Patty Shay is now the third Sunshine lawsuit defendant deposed by attorney Robert Watrous. Shay was...
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Sunshine lawsuit filed

BRADENTON BEACH – Six current and former city board and committee members are named as defendants in a Sunshine Law suit filed Friday. “This is...