Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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County Commission authorizes removal of six Australian pines

County Commission authorizes removal of six Australian pines

BRADENTON – Six Australian pines will be removed from the Coquina Beach parking lot for now and a comprehensive project report will be presented...
Proposed tree removals delayed

Proposed tree removals delayed

BRADENTON BEACH – More than 100 Australian pine trees designated for removal at the south end of the Coquina Beach parking lot will not...
City hall building replacement discussed

City hall building replacement discussed

BRADENTON BEACH – City officials are trying to figure out whether it makes more sense to floodproof and hurricane-harden city hall or to build...
Government Kids Chappie

Students to take over city hall on Local Government Day

BRADENTON BEACH – Mayor John Chappie, City Attorney Ricinda Perry and the city of Bradenton Beach have invited 75 Bradenton Christian School third-graders to...
KORN Petitions Rejected

Commission rejects KORN initiatives

BRADENTON BEACH – Bradenton Beach Commissioners have rejected four charter amendment initiatives pursued by the Keep Our Residential Neighborhoods (KORN) political action committee. Barring a...
Moratorium expiring

Building moratorium will expire soon

BRADENTON BEACH – Despite an appeal from a city commissioner, Bradenton Beach’s voter-initiated building moratorium will expire on Wednesday, March 7. On behalf of some...
John Chappie

Mayor seeks equal distribution of beach concession funds

BRADENTON BEACH – Mayor John Chappie supports the city of Anna Maria’s request to use $333,000 of surplus beach concession revenues for the replacement...
CNOBB amendments

Elections alter Bradenton Beach’s political landscape

BRADENTON BEACH – The Nov. 7 elections reshaped the Bradenton Beach City Commission and changed how future commission races will be run. City voters elected...
John Chappie

Chappie seeks mayor’s seat

BRADENTON BEACH – Vice Mayor John Chappie has filed his resign to run paperwork and intends to run for the mayor’s seat currently held...