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Vol. 17 No. 41 - July 26, 2017


Sato Real Estate Hayward Cup champions: Undefeated to the end

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

monica simpson | SUN

Hayward Cup champions Team Sato Real Estate. Pictured left to right,
bottom row: Chris Klotz, Lyn Clarke and Josh Sato and, top row:
Kevin Roman, Adam Mott, Jordan Demers, Jake Parsons, Chelsea Hoffner
and John Coleman.

The summer co-ed adult soccer league at the community center came to an end Thursday night with the heat, mosquitoes, friends, family and fellow players ready to see the crowning of the Paul "Ace" Hayward Cup champions.

Josh Sato, captain of Team Sato Real Estate, and Nate Talucci, captain of Team Moss Builders, met at mid-field for the traditional coin flip. The game of the season started with much anticipation as Moss Builders found its stride in the season and Sato Real Estate could not be beat.

The first 23 minutes of play showed why Moss Builders was in the championship game. Playing with smart defense, Talucci's team kept it close and entertained spectators.

Quick goals by Chris Klotz, for Sato Real Estate, and Matt Kretzmann, for Moss Builders, lit up the scoreboard three minutes into the game.

Goalkeeper Shawn McCarthy saved a Sato Real Estate shot, but could not hold on to the ball, giving Klotz a corner kick. With a goal in sight, the kick intended for Jake Parsons was saved by McCarthy putting the soccer ball back at the feet of Moss Builders.

The long high pass by Moss Builders' Lexi Sato landed right at the feet of Diego Felipe, pulling Sato Real Estate goalie Jordan Demers slightly off the goal. Felipe finesses the shot putting Moss Builders ahead 2-1.

Great ball handling by Moss Builders and missed opportunities by Sato Real Estate was the theme of the first half of the championship game.

The midfield shot by L. Sato went just to the right of the post.

With the perfect pass from Lyn Clarke, Klotz was able to give Kevin Roman his first shooting opportunity. Roman's shot near the goal was blocked by Talucci.

Fighting for the ball, Jesse Brisson defended hard against J. Sato, who was eventually called for the foul. The free kick by Rico Beissert landed the soccer ball at L. Sato's feet. Adam Mott and L. Sato battled for possession with Mott the victor.

J. Sato took control of the ball, skillfully dribbling it down the field to score. The team captain's efforts were spoiled by Beissert and McCarthy.

The next shot by Klotz was blocked by Brisson giving Team Moss Builders clear possession and a chance to score.

Controlling the field and the pace of the game, Felipe placed the ball right at L. Sato's feet. Feeling the press of her brother-in-law hot on her heels, the forced strike went just to the left of the post.

After three shot attempts by Moss Builders, Team Sato Real Estate took over on offensive with another shot by Klotz that hit off Beissert with force sending the soccer ball over the cross bar.

Unable to capitalize off of the corner kick, Sato Real Estate was back to defending as L. Sato fought hard to put another point on the scoreboard with one minute rapidly ticking down.

Keeping L. Sato from scoring, Roman soon found his chance to score, but with two defenders in his way Roman passed to Mott sitting at the right post. The ball went off the outside of Mott's foot and rolled just outside of the goal, ending the first half of the championship game.

Excitement continued to fill the air at the community center as the second half of play began. Soon after the kickoff, play was stopped as players, children, and spectators chased a dog off the field.

Play resumed with Sato Real Estate's intensity level heightened. After a long clear of J. Sato's shot attempt by Jacob Talucci and Parson's second strike blocked by the Moss Builders' defense, J. Sato found his moment to slip one into the net, tying the ball game 2-2 with 20 minutes left to play.

Applying the pressure, Beissert's efforts to stop Roman were not enough as he passed the lone defender to score the go ahead goal, putting Sato Real Estate up by one.

A quick defensive snag gave Klotz the opportunity to swiftly move the ball through a sea of blue jerseys, scoring and putting the score to 2-4.

Momentum moving in Team Sato Real Estate's way, the team stole the ball from the Moss Builders' offense and dribbled the ball down the length of the field only to have goalkeeper McCarty block the hard shot.

Tripped up by Roman, Beissert took the free kick, landing the soccer ball at the boots of Felipe. His fierce shot zoomed inches past the post.

Looking for a chance to put the ball in the net, Kretzmann took the ball away from Sato Real Estate. After a touch, he passed to L. Sato, who knocked it back to the formidable midfielder. Kretzmann's shot was too hard and too high.

Roman's hard kick hit Kretzmann, putting him on the ground. The referee stopped the clock with 16 minutes left on the scoreboard.

With the quick breather for all, play continued with Beissert stopping the shot of J. Sato giving Moss Builders the offensive advantage. L. Sato once again fought to win the ball against Mott. Victorious, she passed the soccer ball to Felipe who made a beautiful high shot that looked like it would fall just under the cross bar.

Keeper Demers made the high jumping save.

The defensive fight by Moss Builders moved the ball back down to midfield. L. Sato took her position right by the post, waiting for the pass to make the light boot into the goal, but Kretzmann kept the ball and sailed it again over the goal.

Team Moss Builders continued the good right only down two goals with more than 12 minutes left in regulation play. Beissert made a beautiful cross to Felipe. Roman had the critical stop against Felipe, preventing the shot and possible goal.

The referee called Clarke for a handball after tripping Beissert. His free kick in the 35th minute of the game was barely saved by Demers, giving Felipe another chance with a corner kick.

Kretzmann was the target of the corner kick, but once again the excitement of the championship game put too much energy behind his strike sending it high over the cross bar.

After several more failed attempts to score by Moss Builders, Sato Real Estate went on a scoring rampage to end the game. Roman started by getting the ball in the goal by the goalie with six minutes left in the game.

Parsons, former Manatee High School classmate of Roman, scored again one minute later. Looking like he would put another one away, Roman took a breakaway shot skillfully saved by McCarthy.

Determined to score in the last game of the season, Clarke took position at the right post waiting for his opportunity. Clarke took the header hitting the post landing the soccer ball past the line for goal moving the score to 2-7.

With the wind out of their sails, Team Moss Builders continued to play with just minutes left on the clock.

McCarthy left his place right at the goal, just enough to allow Parsons to toe tap the final goal of the game into the next, ending the match with the score 2-8.

With Sato Real Estate's victory, the talented squad finished the season undefeated. The team goes into the history books as only one of two teams to accomplish this difficult task.

The Hayward Cup will be defended once again in the coming months as adult soccer resumes in the fall.

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