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Vol. 16 No. 30 - May 25, 2016


Bark and Company kick it with Beach to Bay Construction

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

monica simpson | SUN

The players in the 6- and 7-year-old soccer league got to
test their skills in the first competition of the season.
The score didn't count, but the experience was invaluable.

With their coaches on the field to guide, encourage, teach and cheer them, two teams of three-to five-year-old preschoolers with new boots and tons of energy took the field on May 16. Team Bark & Company Realty and Team Beach to Bay Construction kicked the soccer ball up and down the field in the Florida spring heat and humidity.

These little players spend the season learning to dribble the ball and learn foot-eye coordination, as well as the basic rules of the game with their volunteer coaches. Volunteer coaches James Lynch, for Bark & Company, and the substitute coach for Jason Suzor, coaching for Beach to Bay Construction, spent their time on the field for the love of the game and kids.

Playing on half of the small field, the youngest soccer players at the Center had parents, grandparents, friends and family watching the game that is played for fun with no score kept. Despite their age, Johnny Monetti for Bark & Company Realty showed his advanced skills with shots on goal throughout the game. Ben Kaleta dribbled the soccer ball up and down and all around the soccer field for his team, Beach to Bay Construction.

Bark & Company’s Katie Lynch had strong defensive clears. Hayleigh Lambert on Team Beach to Bay epitomized the beauty of youth soccer on the Island for the youngest age groups. Lambert came in and out of the game and participated as she was comfortable, while still joining her team on the field – no pressure, just fun in the sun.

Colin Bankert protected the Beach to Bay goal. Monetti and Claire Lynch took turns for Team Bark & Company. Kellen Hunt made strong defensive plays for Bark & Company Realty. Beach to Bay’s Maggie Sue Niedzwick supported her team on the field, while the brother-sister duo of Wade and Nina Kasten helped both offensively and defensively for Bark & Company.

Londan Chatt’s throw in for Beach to Bay Construction was met by Hunt who took a shot on goal that went just left of the post. As the game went on, the Beach to Bay’s roster dwindled as the preschoolers began to get distracted and tired. Their coach re-engaged his players, keeping his team in the game.

To keep the game simple and cut down on confusion for these relatively new players, the teams did not switch sides after halftime. The second half of play saw June Moore in the goal for Team Bark & Company.

Kaleta scored a goal for his Beach to Bay team to the cheers of all of the fans in the stand. The preschoolers look to the stands for the smiles of approval from their parents throughout the game. In the spirit of what has been the community center, the spectators show their support of all of the children regardless of individual team support.

As the game went on, non-soccer activities on the sidelines kept the players busy while they were not on the field. The three-to five-year-old age group is not only for soccer development, but also teaches the littlest players patience, how to pay attention to the coach and how to be a team player.

Sportsmanship is the biggest lesson taught by the volunteer coaches. At the end of the game, both teams lined up giving the opposing team high-fives, while telling each other they played a good game. This is a ritual that is carried through to the 14- 17-year-old age group and on to the adult league in a less formal way. This is youth soccer at the Center– fun on the pitch, lessons learned and skills with the futbal.

Sun Scoreboard
Monday, May 16

6-to 7-year-old league

Pink and Navy Boutique 0
Truly Nolen 3

Signarama 2
Progressive Cabinetry 0

8-to 10-year-old league

The Feast 6
Wash Family Construction 0

Tuesday, May 17

11-to 13-year-old league

Coldwell Banker 4
Sugar Beach Digital 2

Beach Bums 2
Sugar Beach Digital 1

Wednesday, May 18

Adult Basketball

Team Aaron 46
Team Sapanora 47

Team Bekkerus 44
Team Calvary 72

Team Bailey 47
Team Jackson 108

Thursday, May 19

Adult Co-Ed Soccer

Slim’s Place 1
Eason Builders Group 7

Island Pest Control 5
Blake Hospital Team #2 2

Jiffy Lube 4
Wash Family Construction 2

Moss Builders 9
Blake Hospital #1 2

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