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Vol. 16 No. 30 - May 25, 2016


The price of freedom

The path our forefathers took for this great nation wasn’t the easiest one. They could have decided not to become a nation and instead stay a colony of Great Britain. Instead, they rebelled, and with some help from France, they were able to repel the enemy and declare the land they occupied a sovereign nation.

There was a lot of blood spilled in the War of Independence and the nation took pains to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, but it wasn’t a formal observance until the end of the Civil War in 1868, when both the North and the South separately called for an observance on the last Monday of May to honor their war dead. The separate observances finally merged into Decoration Day and by the 20th Century, it was known as Memorial Day.

The day was not to honor our living servicemen and women or veterans; it was to honor the military members who died fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others.

As this week’s cartoon points out, it’s also a big beach day on Anna Maria Island.

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and the school year will end soon, sending crowds of kids to the beaches.

But the cartoon also alludes to the fact that all the lives lost in wars, the human sacrifice from men and women of valor, should not be in vain. Keep the reason for Memorial Day alive and remind the newer generations of the sacrifices that were made.

Freedom is never cheap. Despots fear it, and those who think that they have to govern by force take power all the time. We have had to fight in many wars and we will likely fight in many more before we can finally achieve world peace, if ever.

Fly your flag high on this holiday and remember those who died for your right to do so.

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