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Vol. 15 No. 18- February 25, 2015

letters to the editor

Third bridge needed

Today was a Monday, and I hope the Florida Department of Transportation reads this. Leaving Anna Maria Island for an appointment in Palmetto just after noon, the Manatee Avenue westbound traffic was crawling, almost bumper to bumper past 75th Street.

Returning via Cortez Road around 3 p.m., the eastbound bumper-to-bumper traffic was from SR 789 to the stoplight just east of the Cortez Village. Turning south on the Island, the Longboat Key northbound traffic was crawling, again bumper to bumper as far as could be seen looking south from my street. Luckily, one let me get through into Fifth Street South.

When will FDOT get the word that our infrastructure has been worsening since 1989, and it is their responsibility to correct it, starting with a bridge from the extension of 53rd Avenue to just north of Longboat Pass.

Jim Kissick
Bradenton Beach


Common sense 101

Dear fellow Islanders and Tourists: We need to discuss the four-way stop on the north end of Anna Maria at Gulf Drive and Pine Avenue . I know once we get there we have finally gotten out of that long, slow, frustrating line of traffic throughout the Island and we are anxious to get where we are going. This does not warrant you the right to swing a right onto pine without so much as a look around or hesitation. OK, so we aren't all that extreme but let's be honest, it's a problem. I live and work in that area. I ride my bike through that four-way stop, I drive in and out of it and I walk across it. Every. Single. Day. Nine out of 10 people blow that stop sign, constantly. I have almost been hit numerous times and forced into the middle of the street like a ping-pong ball, riding for my life. I am a responsible bike rider and pedestrian. I stop, I wait, I make eye contact, I nod and give the appropriate signals, and when I do cross I do it quickly so as not to inconvenience the drivers. It is not acceptable that I have at least five stories of a near death experience. Moral of this story is, lets pick it up a notch. Drivers: come to a complete stop and wait three seconds. Make eye contact with pedestrians and wave or nod. Pedestrians and bikers: be responsible! Don't stand at a crosswalk looking all confused or staring at your phones, it confuses drivers as to whether you are needing to cross. Pay attention when you are crossing the street. Stop, look, make eye contact and make haste. You may have the right of way but it's still your life being put at risk. We all have lives to live let's make it a little easier on everyone and take a pay-it-forward attitude to the streets this season. I let you go, you let me go and we can all enjoy the beautiful place we are living and vacationing in together.

Amy Kinder
Anna Maria




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