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Vol. 14 No. 47 - September 17, 2014

letters to the editor

Your vote is important

Your vote is more important than your credit rating, more important than your mortgage, more important than your bills because your vote does affect your credit rating, your mortgage and your bills. Mid-term elections are more important than national elections because they affect you locally. You probably know more about the top five players in the NFL, you probably know more about the top five players in the NBA, you probably know more about the top five players in MLB than you do about the top five politicians in our cities, in our counties, in our states, in our country, and yet the knowledge about these politicians does more to affect your pocketbook than all the statistics about the MLB, NFL or the NBA put together.

If we just spent 10 percent of the time and effort we put into knowledge about our major sports, we could take back control of our rights to a free democracy. Very few can name even two members of the city council, even two members of the county commission, even two members of the state senate, even two members of the state house, even 10 congressional representatives of the federal government or even 10 senators of the federal government and those that do probably vote in every election. Elections are won or lost by those that are involved and vote. Involvement and enthusiasm at the voting booth should be as important as the involvement and enthusiasm for major league sports.

You have no voice about your favorite team except the tickets you buy to attend the game, but your enthusiasm is still there, your knowledge about the players is still there. If you are not happy with the team you do not buy team jerseys, coffee mugs, hats or tickets and you do not go to the games. That sends a message. That same principle applies to politics. If you are not happy with the team, stop buying tickets by casting your vote. You do have a voice about your election process, but you must send a message to the team, the team managers by voting. Be sure to vote in the mid term elections; they are most important on a local level. Protect your rights to a free democracy – vote. That is how I see it from here.

Skip Speer

Lose the on-street parking

I live on an extremely busy residential street in Holmes Beach. We have cars hunting for parking spaces seven days a week. When all the spaces are taken we have a parade of cars speeding down a dead end street and u-turning out of the street all day long. The nature of my street is quiet and private enough for visitors to park their cars, dump out their McDonalds bag and empty super-sized drink onto the street because they can’t walk it over to the trash can. Before and after their visit to the beach, they find it convenient to relieve themselves in a space between their car and the wall because the Johnny On The Spot Port-A-John is too inconvenient. I am talking about the girls, too! Since the Holmes Beach police are enforcing the no drinking policy on the beach, the visitors are either going back and forth to their cars to refill their sippy cups with a mixed drink or a beer. Sometimes they just sit in the car, run the engine and drink their alcoholic beverage of choice with a marijuana joint. We have been witnessing this beach ritual for many years, and we are very tired of it. I am obviously in favor of the proposed no parking on residential street ordinance being introduced to Holmes Beach. Residents do not throw trash out of their cars and fail to use the proper bathroom facilities.

Richard Brown
Holmes Beach





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