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Vol. 15 No. 1 - October 29, 2014

letters to the editor

Dog costume contest a hit

Thank you for all the effort and joy you bring to The Sun’s annual Canine Halloween Costume Contest. Our horse entry was our foster Great Dane and he had so much fun. Your hard work put a smile on many people’s faces.

Dr. Sharon Otis

Cannons supports Whitmore

As a seventh-generation Manatee County native, the daughter of a commercial Cortez fisherman and a partner with my husband in Cannons Marina, the longest-standing family business on Longboat Key, I am writing to support the re-election of County Commissioner Carol Whitmore. I have known Carol since middle school when we worked together in Holmes Beach, then again through a shared 8-year career at Manatee Memorial Hospital, where Carol was in risk management and I was a nurse anesthetist. I can personally attest to Carol’s stellar work ethic, her dedication and her solid integrity. When I served on the Manatee County Environmental Lands Management and Acquisition Advisory Committee, I once again witnessed Carol in action. She was skilled at balancing the needs of local business and local residents, looking for ways to protect our fragile environment while maintaining healthy and necessary levels of economic growth. Carol takes the time to diligently research complex issues, making decisions based on facts and the welfare of her constituents rather than on polarizing political agendas. I encourage your readership to vote for Carol and for the bright future of Manatee County.

Lucile Capo Miller
Longboat Key

Vosburgh deserves your vote

I know a lot of people who did not go out and vote last year because it was an extremely hot day and they felt their candidate, John Shaughnessy, was a shoe-in. Jan Vosburgh has never voted for a tax increase for Bradenton Beach and she was the only one who voted against the 15 percent storm sewer tax increase. If you feel Jan is doing a good job for the city, don't presume she is a shoe-in. Please go out and vote for her.

Mary Lou Gans
Bradenton Beach

Fighting the good fight

I urge all residents of Anna Maria to vote for Chuck Webb for re-election as Commissioner and Sue Lynn as Mayor. These dedicated people have been bold and pro-active in their effort to protect our quality of life. They are fighting the good fight on our behalf. We have the power of the vote, but if we roll over and play dead, we’re dead.

The exploiters aren’t playing dead. They’re playing for keeps. Their interest is short-term, which is self-defeating even from their point of view. Their desire to pack as many bodies as they can into every vacation rental threatens to ruin everything we love about Anna Maria, including the future value of their own properties.

Most visitors come here and have a great time: they are welcomed guests, not a bother. But when owners overcrowd their houses by squeezing 12 or 18 or even more people into single-family houses in single-family-zoned areas, they are not only violating the law, they are destroying the residents’ universal right to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

The Florida Zoning Code defines Single Family as… “a dwelling designed for residential occupancy by one family on a single lot.” It defines Family as: “an individual or 2 or more related by legal adoption, blood or licit marriage, or a group of not more than four persons who need not be related, any of whom live together in a single housekeeping unit in a dwelling…”

According to attorneys, legally this is our best bet to implement control over vacation rentals. When visitors aren’t disrupting the peace, no one will care who is related to whom. But when problems arise, the police can issue citations. The burden of verification (of family relationship) then falls on the occupants, not the authorities. With enforcement, this effort would render pointless the eight-bedroom motels many developers are building in the guise of “single-family” homes.

Chuck Webb and Sue Lynn have proven their dedication to our city. We need them to lead the ongoing battle to preserve our wonderful way of life. Please get out and vote. Your vote counts more than ever.

Penny Naylor
Anna Maria

Keep the Australian pines

Once again we are trying to take out the beautiful Australian pine shade trees. It is a shame that a couple of experts could declare that these stately shade trees, that keep it clean under their branches so we can picnic in peace and serenity, are in the hair trigger. Seniors on the Island learn late in life that the only safe way to avoid skin cancer and go to enjoy our beaches is to sit in the shade. The idea that these trees are the first to go in high winds is absolutely wrong. I have observed storms for 40 years. There are many other types of trees that go down each time there is high wind, so someone should go out and count them. Manatee Public Beach is out of the question. This leaves two beaches where there is some parking shade and benches to enjoy the beaches. Much of the parking of 10 years ago is gone due to a few individuals complaining. Could we have more parking for seniors? As a former resident of Longboat Key, it was well known that powerful builders lobbied for the cutting of all the waterfront Australian pines there.

Doug Terry
Anna Maria Island

Feeling the love

I want to thank all of the people who came out to see me and the Dr. Dave Band at BayFest 2014. Sharing a special night with you and feeling

your love and appreciation for my music was overwhelming. Since I stopped performing two years ago, I have been told many times I was missed. However, the huge crowd at my BayFest performance was truly amazing and more than I ever expected. As I looked out at your faces in the crowd, out at your faces in the crowd, I saw joy, love, and happiness. I also saw many of you reliving memories of great times from the past. I am sure you could see all of those same emotions on my face, as well. I want to thank the AMI Chamber of Commerce and the BayFest sponsors for making this special night possible. I also want to thank Chris Grumley for his vision in knowing what kind of night it could be at BayFest with the Dr. Dave Band closing the event. Over the years we have shared so many great times and this year’s BayFest was at the top of the list. A long-time Dr. Dave Band follower may have said it best when she said, “Dr. Dave and his fans have bonded through the years and – the bond is forever.” Thank you so much and hopefully we still have a few “Team Drinks” in our future.

Dr. Dave Ferguson
Holmes Beach




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