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The purpose of this site is to encourage comments by Sun readers on topics of the day, especially those affecting Anna Maria Island. We welcome any and all viewpoints and hope to stimulate intelligent discussions. Personal attacks and abusive or vulgar language, however, will not be tolerated. Such comments will be determined by Sun management, then pulled from the site and the posters may be blocked from further use.

Name: Dale Schmitdz
Date: 2015-04-16 15:52:25
Subject: Rental Regulations
Comments: Another code that will be unenforced and make no difference. Going to get a code officer to handle twenty or thirty drunks. Good luck with that.AM already has a noise ordinance with no tickets and a magistrate system that has never been used. Enforce the existing codes like Chief Kenney, Lt Damato and Sgt Dangler.

Name: Jj
Date: 2015-04-16 00:34:05
Subject: thanks vann TRASHER
Comments: All we REAL locals can place blame of the islands destruction on vann "TRASHER" you all bought into her so called "building up" and fell for her millions , now she sinks into the depths and disappears on the island. Tell me, why didn't she stay in England and build up parts there that are needed? No she comes here and ruins it for we who have lived here for generations. THE REAL LOCALS.

Name: Gary McMullen
Date: 2015-04-15 06:54:45
Subject: Fitness center
Comments: So let me get this straight; now our elected leaders and some of the community is now against the Community Center in its attempt to lessen the need for support from the governmental tit and become more independently sufficient? I am really sick of hearing we have to support businesses. The ELRA group has single-handedly destroyed Pine and the city commission is bending over backwards to keep them from having to comply with the new rental ordinance. Seriously? Three bedrooms is not the norm now in housing. Most houses have a minimum of four bedrooms and a den or office also. My 750 square foot house has three bedrooms. Only 8 people allowed in a house? For the last two weeks the large rental house next door to me had 17 people in it. The kids were loud in the pool but during the day. We had no noise or parking issues either. What happened to "Best Practices" and just enforcing the laws we presently have. I see more lawsuits on the horizon. The city of Anna Maria apparently has not learned from the Bert Harris lawsuits they had to settle. If businesses cannot survive with all the throngs of people coming here,they need to close. Free enterprise? Not in this city.

Name: Randy Houlas
Date: 2015-04-14 17:03:43
Subject: Anna Maria Rental Ordinance
Comments: What a sad day for the city of Anna Maria. Once again our city leaders have thrown the “baby out with the bath water”, solved nothing and divided our town.
With full disclosure, I live in Anna Maria and have 1 rental property on the island – in Anna Maria. I agree, we have some rental related issues in Anna Maria that need to be addressed. I was present at the commission meeting when this ordinance passed.
In the process of attempting to solve our issues, the commission has created an atmosphere of animosity, divisiveness and distrust. I do not understand why, in a city of 1500, our government leaders, residents and business community cannot sit down and resolve this COMMUNITY issue together. Do our commissioners really think that passing the ordinance in the manner they chose is going to lead us back to the “old Anna Maria”? I think not. The lawsuits will soon be flying, if they haven’t already started. Sides will be taken and our city will be further fractured.
It perplexes me why the commission continually passes ordinances rather than addressing the root problem. We cannot seem to enforce our noise ordinance, yet a new ordinance that prohibits swimming (in rentals) before 8am and after 10pm solves the noise issue. Really?
This type of governing is typical of our commission. One need look no further than the “Sandwich Sign” issue. The city could not (or would not) enforce the rule of 1 sandwich sign per establishment. Their predictable answer – ban sandwich signs completely.
At the last commission meeting, and in defense of the new rental ordinance, Commissioner Yetter cited a few recent problem events. One example was a builder/developer allowing people to stay in a house without having obtained a Certificate of Occupancy. I’m not sure how she connects the dots that the new rental ordinance solves this problem. Don’t we have an ordinance regarding occupancy and CO’s? Again, inforce the laws we have. Perhaps an increase in fines and a suspension of construction/permits for builder/developer/owners that violate the code are in order.
Some of my families fondest memories are summer beach vacations. My mother-in-law would rent a house at the Jersey Shore for 2 weeks. Her 3 children, spouses and 5 grandchildren (11 of us) would have a delightful time at the shore. To this day, my kids, now in their 30’s, reminisce about those family vacations with fond memories. It’s a shame that Anna Maria has chosen not to welcome the creation of those family memories. Sorry – only 8 in a rental – as if that number itself magically solves ANYTHING. Apparently 8 non-swimming, partiers playing loud music isn’t considered a problem.
In my opinion, our first order of business should be to STIRCTLY enforce our existing laws.
We are headed in the completely wrong direction by not working together. This city will be so busy fighting amongst ourselves, we will solve nothing.
I highly encourage the mayor to step in, put a team together and solve these issues TOGETHER.

Randy Houlas
Anna Maria

Name: Joanne Fenton
Date: 2015-04-13 19:01:02
Subject: Salmon and Quantum???
Comments: Ana Maria, you are about to be the home of not one but two fine gentlemen, John Horne and Joseph Coury. They are two of the brightest, the greatest of friends and will be assets to your community as John Horne already is!

Name: Jim Brown
Date: 2015-04-08 11:23:34
Subject: Mayor Bill Shearon
Comments: I am not a resident of Bradenton Beach or Ana Maria Island but for the past 6 years I have been a commissioner of Longboat Key and the Mayor for the past 4 years. I have seen many commissioners come and go in the past 6 years and have worked with many of them through the Barrier Islands Elected Official group, the Council of Government, and the lLeague of Cities to name but a few groups where we work together. In my experience, Bill Shearon has been one of the easiest one of all to work with. He has always been engaging, pleasant, helpful, courteous, thoughtful and most of all positive about the island communities working together. I know that some of his fellow commissioners are not pleased with some of his results but it appears that none of what he is accused of reaches the level of being removed under the law. Could it be that what you have here is a conflict of personalities. Wouldn't it be better if the commission could sit down and work out their problems like they were elected to do and stop trying to make a major case out of some minor mistakes.
Longboat Key had some personality problems semerald years ago and it set the town back s feral years.

Name: Paulette
Date: 2015-04-08 07:02:07
Subject: Fixed Bridge
Comments: I found the results very interesting to last week's question. The most percentage being 35% against a bigger bridge because it will bring more cars. Really!! This response must be from people who were not here some 20 odd years ago when this same subject was brought up & the same response was received (percentage probably more). So where are we now? They still come, not caring if they have to sit in line for an hour because the bridge is up. There are people who are full time residents & we know nothing is going to improve the traffic, but feel a fixed bridge will help.

Name: Robert Docheerty
Date: 2015-04-01 15:52:27
Subject: Corps rejects mangrove removal
Comments: In response to your 4/1/15 article, I'm surprised how little is remembered concerning the hard fought agreement that was made before this complex was built. Not only did it involve a reduction in the proposed size (and with the more recent development there I wonder if this agreement has been broken), I thought that any and all mangrove intrusion was prohibited. Has this initial agreement been negated to the level that any request could possibly be considered (much less made)? It's bad enough that it appears that the tiny space between mangroves on north west side has somehow increased in size over the years. Maybe the Neal Preserve should be renamed the Neal Non-Preserve.

Name: janice bergbom
Date: 2015-04-01 15:33:32
Subject: traffic
Comments: Why are the police NOT monitoring the speeders on North Shore Drive between Coconut and the tip of the island? Tonight I was walking there and in both directions there were cars traveling in excess of 30 MPH! There is no reason to go that fast on this road, and I think that the fine should be doubled on our residential streets. MSD, please monitor this area before someone is hurt.

Name: Gary McMullen
Date: 2015-04-01 08:00:14
Subject: Competition
Comments: I agree with Mr. Schmitdz, if the Community Center offers a superior plan than the existing businesses those businesses should improve their offers to prospective and existing customers. It is a community center not run by the government. What happened to all the support the community showered on it when it learned it may close? You can't have it both ways. Decide.

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