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The purpose of this site is to encourage comments by Sun readers on topics of the day, especially those affecting Anna Maria Island. We welcome any and all viewpoints and hope to stimulate intelligent discussions. Personal attacks and abusive or vulgar language, however, will not be tolerated. Such comments will be determined by Sun management, then pulled from the site and the posters may be blocked from further use.

Name: David
Date: 2015-01-14 14:07:51
Subject: Anna Maria fires attorney....
Comments: "Murphy also called Bradenton Beach City Attorney Ricinda Perry and asked her to serve as interim attorney for Anna Maria" LOL!

Name: Ann Haval
Date: 2015-01-13 23:24:11
Subject: City Attorney
Comments: Wow who would believe Dan Murphy would show his hand quite so quickly. So he fires the city attorney and immediately instates Ed Chiles attorney Ricinda Perry. So now we all know exactly who's tune he is dancing to and it isn't the residents of Anna Maria! What really baffles me however is why Anna Maria City wants to associate itself with any of the characters involved in the train wreck otherwise known as Bradenton Beach?

Name: David
Date: 2015-01-07 02:59:58
Subject: BB A look ahead....
Comments: Quote from the last paragraph of the story "Strategies to defend Martin’s suit will be discussed at Thursday’s commission meeting".
What strategy is there to discuss? All communications with public officials should be in the custody of the clerk's office not in the custody of the City Attorney( unless there is something to be hidden). This City has been doing things a$$ backwards for quite some time now going way back to the long time tenured City Clerk Nora Idso. So the people elect a Mayor to straighten things up and those a$$ backwards people make every effort possible to remove the duly elected Mayor. This City has 99 problems and a Mayor and his partner ain't one of them.

Name: Jerry L. Gieske Sr.dis
Date: 2015-01-02 09:10:32
Subject: previous letter to the Editor
Comments: I do not want to hog your letter to the Editor...BUT, after you ran my last letter about me having cancer and not being ble to come to the Island this season.. person from the Island sent me a very nice Christmas card that read "SINCE YOU CN'T COME TO THE ISLAND ? I AM SENDING A BIT OF ANNA MARIA TO YOU" AND THEY SENT ME A VERY NICE GIFT OF A BOOK BY pHILLIS cHANDLER gREY CALLED "ANNA MARIA ISLAND SUNRISE TO SUNSET" I want to thank the person or persons {who did not sign their name to the card or book) for being so thoughtful and sending me this book to look at and read during my Chemo treatment...If there is a way for The SUN to send them a THANK'S I would love it?? and the good lord willing and the Chemo works??? I can spend next season back alive on Anna Maria. Thank you for your understanding JERRY L. GIESKE SR.
Cheboygan Michigan

Name: David
Date: 2014-12-31 11:14:36
Subject: Scott BB officer??
Comments: Scott. Now we all know that department heads in the City of BB would NEVER cover anything up. Hold on for a minute while I try to keep from spitting out my coffee through my nose as I attempt to contain my laughter.

Name: David
Date: 2014-12-31 11:09:14
Subject: Dead Mullet and BB officer arrested?
Comments: Trying to make this link clickable regarding Ed Chiles cooking at his restaurants with mullet roe. Not sure it will work. If not you will have to copy and paste the link into your browser.

Name: David
Date: 2014-12-31 11:01:32
Subject: Dead Mullet on Anna Maria
Comments: Maybe your paper should be looking at your good friend Ed Chiles as responsible for the dead mullet on AMI. Follow the link.

Name: Scott
Date: 2014-12-31 09:22:23
Subject: B.B. Officer Arrested??
Comments: Cover Up?? BB.Beach Officer found drunk w/open btl. of Capt. Morgan's at dinghy dock? No word or news of his confrontation/ 4 individuals at Anchor Inn, then followed them to Drift Inn. Where are the reports?? 3 day suspension?? Come On

Name: David
Date: 2014-12-26 03:05:51
Subject: BB recall petition.
Comments: And I quote "Like Barreda, neither Ladeweski nor his companion indicated whether they support the mayor or support him being removed from office; and Barreda encouraged all city voters to sign the petition, regardless of where they stand on the issue." Does anyone else see the stupidity of this quote? SMH

Name: Lynda
Date: 2014-12-23 06:43:03
Subject: whats running
Comments: whats currently running on Bradenton Beach?

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