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The purpose of this site is to encourage comments by Sun readers on topics of the day, especially those affecting Anna Maria Island. We welcome any and all viewpoints and hope to stimulate intelligent discussions. Personal attacks, name-calling and abusive or vulgar language, however, will not be tolerated. Such comments will be determined by Sun management, then pulled from the site and the posters may be blocked from further use. Comments posted here may also appear in the print edition of The Sun.

Name: Dale Schmitdz
Date: 2015-07-20 08:12:27
Subject: Hotels
Comments: Its about time the city commission started controlling these motels.As far as noise. The "reports" at the department do not reflect the amount of calls. I was told at records that the deputy can write a report if desired. If the deputy writes a report it is indicated by a case number if not it is indicated by an event number. The officer can clear it either with a report of without a report.ONLY REPORTS ARE INDICATED as actual calls for service. The only way to trace them is through the dispatch logs. No tickets and no magistrates court indicate that nothing is being done. Its time to take back our city.

Name: Jane Gresham
Date: 2015-07-09 20:17:32
Subject: BP lawsuit
Comments: Fraud is what this is. 'Woth a shot' when you know perfectly well you were not negatively impacted is FRAUD!!
As you so rightly said the oil spill never reached Anna Maria Island. In fact it never came anywhere near. Far from being negatively impacted our tourism actually benefited from the oil spill. Why? Because as soon as the spill happened every public official from here to Tampa were out with their loud speakers encouraging people to visit here instead of LA as we were free of oil damage. So our tourism actually INCREASED as a result of the spill. Now before you all say well go for it if you can get it let me remind you this massive payout will in fact effect all our pockets in other ways. BP will find ways to get this back most likely in the price of gas down the line.
I am sick of hearing all the stories of people who jumped on the bandwagon and filed claims that they were negatively impacted which are outright lies.
Call it anything you like but it's fraud under any other name and it appears all three cities are guilty of this. Shame on you. Trying doing a day's work instead of scamming the system. This sums up everything that is wrong about this country.

Name: Kjoe
Date: 2015-07-08 11:00:59
Subject: Stolen conch shell
Comments: The local chainsaw artist stole my iPad, phone charger and conch shell that was given to me when my son was born in key west 27 yrs ago.he stole the shell to give to the man who blows the conch during the festivals. Everything he stole is replaceable except my conch shell that I want back. Just want everyone to know what he's really like cause he's still in your area carving and living on his boat. Thanks Charlie, real nice of you after letting you stay at my place when you were in ocala

Name: Mike Deal
Date: 2015-07-01 07:50:43
Subject: Community Center
Comments: Kudos to Jean Peelen for calling out the Center's claim they put "proven community leadership" on their board. Totally agree that "some" are not respected or leaders, in fact one has said stated his goal is to turn our island into a total resort community. Thanks Jean for stating the obvious!

Name: mary wagner
Date: 2015-07-01 05:13:37
Subject: reward for the capture of ATV drivers
Comments: I would imagine that many people would be happy to contribute to a reward for these perpetrators. Perhaps by setting up something on GO FUND ME a large sum could be raised for that purpose. I am ready to contribute....


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