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Vol. 16 No. 26 - April 27, 2016


Anna Maria

4/13, information, Duncan Real Estate, 420 Pine Ave. An agent said the office’s outdoor table had been flipped over causing approximately $300-$400 worth of damage. There was no surveillance camera for that area so the deputy took no further action.

4/17, information, 100 S. Bay Blvd., Anna Maria City Pier. A woman fell while walking on the pier. She appeared to be OK, and EMS arrived and took her to Blake Medial Center.

4/17, battery, Passage Key, north of Anna Maria. The female said her male counterpart hit her in the face during an argument.

Bradenton Beach

4/17, trespass warning, 200 block of Bay Drive North. The complainant said he wanted his girlfriend to not stay with him anymore because she goes out, gets drunk, comes home and wakes him up.

4/19, alcohol violation, Sports Lounge, 118 Bridge St. The officer saw a teenager in the bar holding an alcoholic drink. He asked the bartender if he had served her, and he said he had served somebody else who must have given it to the girl. They confronted the juvenile and arrested her.

4/20, criminal mischief, Bradenton Beach Anchorage. The complainant said his ex-girlfriend threw his possessions overboard. She was arrested.

4/20, battery, Freckled Fin, 101 Bridge St. Two employees got into a fight. The state attorney’s office is investigating.

Holmes Beach

4/9, driving with a suspended license, 3900 East Bay Drive. The officer stopped the driver for going around a stopped trolley using the turn lane. The driver admitted having a suspended license. A computer check showed he had been stopped and ticketed twice before and this third time was a felony. The officer placed him under arrest.

4/9, battery, 5600 block of Flotilla Avenue. The victim said her daughter hit her in the face, causing her lip to swell. The daughter was taken into custody without incidence.

4/11, domestic violence, 6800 block of Palm Drive. A couple got into a fight, and one of them was arrested.

4/12, DUI, 5600 Marina Drive. The officer stopped the suspect for not driving within his lane. He noticed the suspect’s eyes were watery and red and asked him to step out of his vehicle to take a field sobriety test. When asked how much he had to drink, the suspect said five beers. Based on his performance of the test, the officer placed the suspect under arrest.

4/12, petit theft, 6700 block of Gulf Drive. A bicycle was stolen. It was later retrieved at Anna Maria City Hall.

4/13, possession of drugs, 5200 Gulf Drive. The officer observed the suspect vehicle swerve into the oncoming lane, and he initiated a traffic stop. As the officer approached the suspect vehicle, it began to roll forward. He yelled at the suspect and told him to shut off the motor. The officer observed the driver’s eyes were red and watery and his speech slurred. He asked the driver if he had been drinking, and he said no. By that time, another officer arrived. The first officer noticed the passenger was moving around her purse, which was on the floor. The other officer noticed a prescription bottle in the open glove box. The suspect said it was for his attention deficit disorder. The officer found more pills and one of them was a soma. The driver did not have a prescription for it, but the passenger had more drugs in her purse, including amphetamines. They found drug paraphernalia in a clutch purse behind her regular purse. They placed the driver and passenger under arrest.

4/15, theft, Giving Back, 5312 Holmes Blvd. A cabinet and dresser were taken from the business.

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