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Vol. 14 No. 47 - September 17, 2014


Anna Maria

8/31, 3:34 p.m., petit theft, 600 block of Fern Street. The victim’s snorkeling mask and fins were stolen from a table on the property.

9/3, 3:12 p.m., information, 500 block of Blue Heron Drive. A missing gas can was found at a crime scene in Holmes Beach.

9/7, 4:50 p.m., domestic battery, 800 block of North Shore Drive. An argument between the male and female while boating got violent as the female hit the male with a closed fist. The female was arrested.

9/10, 3:06 p.m., possession of cannabis, 100 block of North Bay Boulevard. The deputy found cannabis on some juveniles, and they were taken to the juvenile assessment center where a parent was called and told what happened.

9/13, 6:58 a.m., theft, Ginny and Jane E’s, 9807 Gulf Drive. The suspect, an employee, tried to hide a $20 bill he collected from a customer from his employer and the store’s security camera caught him. The deputy filed a capias report to the state attorney’s office to investigate.

Bradenton Beach

9/6, 6:30 p.m., domestic battery. A man and woman got into a fight. It was not clear who threw the first punch, so the officer arrested both parties.

9/9, 8:13 a.m., information, 100 Bridge Street. The complainant said she found a child standing alone outside. He was three years old and they finally found his parents. The officer made a report to the National Child Abuse Hotline.

9/9. 8:38 p.m., theft, 103 Gulf Drive South, Circle K. A homeless man took a case of beer and fled out the door.


9/8, 4:54 a.m., driving with no license, never had a license, second offense, 123rd Street West and Cortez Road West. The deputy stopped a speeding motorist who spoke no English. He told a Spanish-speaking deputy he had never had a license. A computer check showed he had a previous conviction. The deputy placed the driver under arrest.

9/8, 6:33 p.m., The US Coast Guard asked for the assistance of the Sheriff’s Office regarding an impaired boater. A deputy responded and completed the investigation and arrest.

Holmes Beach

8/30, 1:17 p.m., criminal mischief, 100 block of 37th Street. A beachgoer noticed the window of a car parked at the street end had a window broken out. He called police and the officer found the car owner. She checked out the car and said nothing was stolen because there was nothing in the car to steal.

8/30, 5:49 p.m., vehicular burglary, 100 block of 45th Street. A car window was broken, and the thief reached in to steal the purse, which had wallets and money.

8/31, 5:06 p.m., theft, Manatee County Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive. The victim left his backpack when he went to the restroom, and when he returned, it was gone.

8/31, 11:19 p.m., battery, 5800 block of Holmes Boulevard. The victim said his wife hit him in the head with a phone. When police started to process the case, the victim said he only wanted to scare her by calling the police, but they gave him a domestic violence packet and arrested the wife.

9/1, 3:58 p.m., burglary to a vehicle, criminal mischief, Kingfish boat ramp, 800 block of Manatee Avenue. The victim, a boater, found his truck had been broken into, the dashboard broken apart and his stereo stolen.

9/1, 4:44 p.m., DUI, 3900 East Bay Drive. The officer observed the suspect’s vehicle with the passenger not wearing a seat belt. A computer check showed the license plate was not assigned to a vehicle. When he spoke with the driver, he smelled alcohol. The officer called for backup and checked the driver’s breath. It showed a high alcohol level and she was arrested.

9/1, 8:15 p.m., larceny/theft, Publix, 3900 East Bay Drive. The officer stopped a vehicle with a shoplifter suspect in it. He reportedly stole more than $300 worth of merchandise.

9/2, 5:37 p.m., petit theft, Anchor Inn, 3007 Gulf Drive. The victim said he left his wallet and cell phone on the bar, and when he went to pay his tab, the wallet was gone.


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