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Vol. 14 No. 39 - July 22, 2014


Anna Maria

7/10, 8:39 a.m., theft, 700 block of North Shore Drive. The victim said a pair of binoculars stored in a cabinet was stolen. The cabinet had been broken into and nothing else was missing from the home.

Bradenton Beach

7/5, 2 p.m., information. 1700 Gulf Drive S., Coquina Beach. The victim said another woman assaulted her while she was standing in an empty parking spot, trying to save it for her friend to use. The assailant fled to the beach and police were unable to find her.

7/13, 1:44 a.m., resisting a law enforcement officer without violence, 100 block of Seventh Street South. The officer answered another call about noise at the address, and he stopped a person at a party there from yelling. He ran a warrants check on the suspect with no positive results and then went to check on another officer who was dealing with the homeowner in back, where the person he had checked had gone. When he tried to get inside a gate, the suspect pushed it so he could not open it. He finally pushed the suspect out of the way and arrested him.

7/19, 12:35 p.m., disorderly intoxication, 1800 Gulf Drive A., Coquina Beach. Marine Rescue reported an intoxicated man causing a disturbance near a table where kids were having a birthday party. He was ordered to take a bus and return to the Sarasota Salvation Army shelter. Approximately 45 minutes later, Marine Rescue reported he was back. He was arrested.


7/14, 8 p.m., Baker Act, 12400 block of 45th Avenue West. The female overdosed in an attempt to kill herself and was taken to the hospital.

7/16, 8:28 p.m., warrant arrest, 10100 block of Cortez Road West. The officer arrested the suspect for a battery that occurred two days earlier. That arrest also triggered charges for violation of probation from a 2013 arrest for grand theft.

7/18, 5 p.m., communicating with a person in violation of an injunction, 10100 block of Cortez Road West. The female victim said her ex-boyfriend had made calls to her cell phone in violation of an injunction. While speaker to a deputy, a car pulled up, and the defendant got out and said he wanted the victim out of his house. The deputy arrested the defendant.

7/19, 6:20 a.m., criminal mischief, 400 block of 126th Street West. The rear window to the victim’s car was broken but nobody entered the vehicle.

Holmes Beach

7/5, 2:27 p.m., warrant arrest, 4300 block of Second Avenue. The officer stopped the defendant for an illegal turn and a computer check showed he had a warrant out of Broward County for violation of parole on a DUI. He stated he had completed his probation and was cleared, but the computer showed otherwise. He was arrested and taken to jail to await extradition.

7/5, 4:10 p.m., larceny, 100 block of 30th Street on the beach. The complainant said he left his belongings in a bag on the shore and went into the water. When he returned, the bag was gone. Later, the officer got a call from Bradenton Beach Police who said they had arrested two people for theft and the suspects had some property that belonged to the victims in this case. They retrieved the money and most of the items after talking with the suspects. They also charged the suspects with grand theft in this incident.

7/5, 4:17 p.m., driving with an expired license, 600 Manatee Avenue. The defendant was in an auto accident and the officer learned her driver’s license had expired.

7/6, 7:57 a.m., burglary, criminal mischief, 5315 block if Marina Drive Eat Here. Police found a broken window at the restaurant, and the owner found a cash box was missing. The owner said the manager had gone home around 2 a.m.

7/6, 11:49 a.m., trespass warning, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive. The officer responded to reports of two men throwing rocks at birds. He talked to one who said they were mad because the bird took some of his chicken from the snack bar. The officer issued trespass warning to the men.

7/6, 4:27 p.m., burglary, 5324 Marina Drive, Tru Value Hardware. A railroad dolly was stolen from behind the store.

7/7, 2:44 p.m., driving with a suspended license, 5800 block of Marina Drive. The officer ran a computer check on the suspect’s auto, and it showed his license had been suspended. He stopped the driver who said he was unaware of the suspension and ticketed him.

7/7. 4:46 p.m., burglary, criminal mischief, 600 block of Key Royale Drive. The owner said a burglar forced open a gate and then a sliding glass door to enter her house. The thief took jewelry, watches and other items.

7/8, 9:50 a.m., possession of marijuana, 700 block of Manatee Avenue. The officer stopped the suspect for window tinting too dark on the car. The officer noticed a strong smell of burnt marijuana and when he asked the driver, he said his girlfriend had smoked some on her way to work. The officer had the pair step out of the car and he saw a baggie of pot inside the car in plain view. He also smelled the drug from a bag they had in the car and inside, he found a large amount of pot plus a scale and baggies inside a mason jar. The male suspect said the pot was for his own use, and it was a month’s supply for him to use to fight back problems and muscle spasms. The officer released the car to the female and arrested the male.

7/8, 1:45 p.m., driving with an expired license, 6300 block of Marina Drive. The officer stopped the driver for swerving and found her license had expired. He issued her a ticket.

7/8, 2:52 p.m., battery, 6400 block of Flotilla Drive. A man was arrested after he assaulted another man because he was playing music too loud at the community pool.

7/9, 12:50 p.m., burglary, 500 block of 70th Avenue. The victim said someone entered her home while she was out of town and stole $1000 worth of jewelry.

7/11, 9:01 p.m., lewd and lascivious behavior, Ace Hardware, 3352 East Bay Drive. A woman reported seeing a man masturbate in front of the hardware store. She spoke with the man and he left. Police could not find him.

7/12, 4:47 p.m., driving with a revoked license, habitual offender, 3600 East Bay Drive. The officer stopped the suspect for driving with a large crack in the windshield. A computer check showed he was a habitual offender whose license had been suspended for five years. He was arrested.

7/16, 6:20 a.m., domestic battery, 200 block of 83rd Street. The husband was arrested after police say he held his wife against her will and punched his stepson who tried to stop him.

7/17, 1:14 a.m., disorderly intoxication, 100 block of Fourth Street North. The officer was first called to the address earlier because the man and wife got into an argument over him going out drinking without his family. There was no violence, so the officer told the male, who was intoxicated, to find someplace else to sleep. Neighbors said he could sleep on their couch. Later, the officer was called back because the male was in his car with the alarm going off. The officer placed him under arrest.


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