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Vol. 17 No. 13 - January 11, 2017


Anna Maria

12/30, information, 200 N. Bay Blvd. A man using the grill at Bayfront Park had a medical problem and fell off a bench, hitting his head. He went to the hospital.

12/31, criminal mischief, 116 N. Bay Blvd. A roadway sign was defaced.

1/1, burglary to an unoccupied conveyance, 700 bock of Jacaranda Road. Persons unknown entered the property and stole the items.

Bradenton Beach

12/22, trespass warning, Oma's Pizza, 201 Gulf Drive N. A woman, who appeared intoxicated, complained she had been forcibly removed from the restaurant by the manager when she entered to talk with her ex-boyfriend, who worked there. The manager said she came in screaming at him, and the ex-boyfriend said the manager's story was correct. She was again removed an issued a trespass warning.

12/23, information, Coquina Beach, 1600 Gulf Drive S. The officer found two people in a parked car after hours. When he opened the door, he smelled marijuana. He checked the car and found scales and other paraphernalia with small amounts of pot. The driver refused to tell if the equipment was his, so the officer seized it. When he checked IDs, he found the male had a suspended license. The female passenger could not drive because she was 15 years old. The officer called the girl's parents and seized the male's license.

12/24, burglary to a vehicle, 2300 block of Avenue C. A parked car was burglarized. There were no signs of forced entry.

12/25, trespass warning, resisting a law enforcement officer with violence, 118 Bridge St. A subject opened the door to a parked police cruiser while the officer was inside. The officer told him to get out, but he unplugged the officers' phone and tried to charge his own phone. The subject got into an argument with the officer, who called for backup. Another subject came on scene and started arguing with the officer and he handcuffed both subjects. The subjects threatened both policemen, who took them to jail.

12/25, burglary to a vehicle, Cortez Beach, 600 Gulf Drive S. Items were taken from an unlocked car while the driver was at the beach.

12/26, burglary to a residence, 400 block of Gulf Drive N. The officer on patrol noticed a shutter on the house was open and the window behind it broken. He called the home's owner in Canada and received permission to enter the house. Inside, he found an unopened soda and a half empty bottle of water. There was blood on the inside indicating the burglar cut himself on the window. A television was missing.

12/30, fraud/counterfeit, The Freckled Fin, 101 Bridge St. A person got a hold of a debit card and used it to pay for food.

12/31, property damage, 100 block of Seventh Street North. The officer found a car that had hit a bollard. They found the owner nearby, acting intoxicated. He would not say if he had been driving the car and there were no witnesses. He had the car towed to his vacation rental.

12/31, trespass warning, 200 Gulf Drive S. A male was found sleeping in a stairwell. The officer issued him a trespass warning.

1/2, trespass warning, Coquina Park, 2650 Gulf Drive S. The officer was called to the beach where a male was bothering beachgoers. He was told the suspect walked away with a lifeguard following him. The officer found the suspect hiding in the mangroves and issued a trespass warning to him.

1/4, property damage, Pelican Cove, 901 Gulf Drive S. A delivery truck ran over a sprinkler while trying to leave.


No new reports.

Holmes Beach

12/24, theft, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive. The victim said somebody stole a small generator he had bought to use with his camper, which was parked at the beach. He said a couple from Kentucky was asking a lot of questions about the generator and they may have been the thieves.

12/26, driving without a license, 4100 block of Gulf Drive. The officer stopped the driver for not wearing a seat belt. When he asked for a driver's license, the driver said he did not have one. He was ticketed.

12/26, alcohol on the beach, Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive. The officer went to the defendant's truck to ask him to move it as it was parked illegally. He found the driver had an open beer can. He wrote a citation for alcohol code violation.

12/28, alcohol on the beach, 52nd Street beach. The officer observed a female with a bottle of vodka on the beach. He wrote her a citation.

12/29, camping, 100 block of 52nd Street. The officer observed two males sleeping in a truck at the beach access. He wrote them citations and told them to move on.

12/29, alcohol on the beach, 52nd Street access. The officer observed three females laying on the beach and two of them had bottles of apple ale. He wrote citations for them.

12/30, driving without a valid license, 100 block of 52nd Street. The officer recognized the driver of a golf cart on the street as one whose license was suspended. He stopped her and cited her.

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