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Vol. 13 No. 18 - February 13, 2013


A lot of Locks of Love

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

tom vaught | sun
Roselyn holds the two long bundles of
hair that will go to Locks of Love.

HOLMES BEACH – Twelve years old is a complicated age for a girl, but there is one young lady who knows what she wants and that is to help people less fortunate than she.

Roselyn Ward came to Salon Salon Thursday, Feb. 7, for her first haircut ever. Aside from an amateur trimming from her four-year-old sister when she was one year old, her hair had grown to nearly four feet long, and she wanted Salon Salon owner Nikita Fosmore to cut it and save the hair for Locks of Love, an organization that takes hair and makes it into wigs for cancer patients.

Fosmore said she gets requests to cut long hair for Locks of Love almost every month, but hasn’t seen as much hair as Laura has in a long time.

The King Middle School student came to her appointment with her hair in two huge pigtails that more resembled ponytails. Her mom, Laura, brushed out her hair after Fosmore removed the clips to the pigtails. Laura Ward said she combs out Roselyn’s hair every day.

Her dad, Alan, watched while they got his daughter ready. He was proud of her decision.

Fosmore measured the amount of hair to cut, and it was 3 feet, 9 inches long. That would still leave Roselyn with hair down to her shoulders.

Roselyn sat down in the chair and Fosmore started trimming up one of the pigtails. Slowly she cut the hair until she had cut through it and held it up for the camera. She handed it to Roselyn and worked on the other half of the hair, handing her the second pigtail, and she posed for the camera.

“It feels odd,” she said while turning her head without all that hair.

She explained that she wanted to get her hair cut to give to Locks of Love so it could help people who are in need of something positive in their lives. She said she would let her hair grow out again and come back to cut it off and donate it again.

“That was a haircut,” her mom, Laura, said to her daughter in jest. “That’s what a haircut feels like.”

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