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Vol. 13 No. 17 - February 6, 2013


Halfway to the Center’s Super Bowl

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Thomas Powers, of the Eat Here Packers team,
runs hard down the sideline before Walter & Associates
Bears defender Jake Rodgers gets the flag during
AMICC NFL Flag Football action Saturday.

The NFL capped off its season finale on the largest sports stage in the United States with the Super Bowl. Millions of football fans watched as the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49 ‘ers. But for football fans on the Island, NFL flag football still has a long way to go.

Halfway through the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s Flag Football season it is still anyone’s game on the road to the Super Bowl. There are four competitive co-ed divisions: Adult, 14-17-year-old, 11-13-year-old and 8-10-year-old.

At the end of the regular season schedule, there are divisional champions, but every team will make the playoffs and have a chance to be crowned Super Bowl champs. Seeding for the playoffs is based upon the final regular season team records.

All four age groups still have undefeated teams. In the Adult division, the 5-0 Florida Discount Signs Colts will square off this week against the 4-0 Island Sun Bills. In the 14-17-year-old division, the 4-0 West Coast Surf Shop Buccaneers will try to keep their perfect record intact when they face three divisional foes this upcoming week.

In the 11-13-year-old division, the 4-0 Ross Built Construction Dolphins look to remain flawless with their high scoring offense lighting up the scoreboard. In the 8-10-year-old division, the 5-0 LPAC Cardinals are rolling past opponents, but have four other teams in their age group right on their tails.

Playoffs begin in March and the excitement mounts. The big game maybe over, but Island football fans can still enjoy plenty of gridiron action. The Center has games every night of the week and usually all day on Saturday. You may not be able to be an armchair quarterback watching the game on the flat screen, but there is nothing like the roar of the crowd at a live football game.

Adult co-ed Flag Football Results

Florida Discount Signs Colts  32
BY Construction Bears  27

Agnelli Pools & Spa Giants  45
Southern Greens Seahawks  13

Lobstahs Lions  19
Harrington House Bucs 15

Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings  25
Slim’s Place Patriots  21

Waterfront restaurant Dolphins  40
Beach to Bay Construction Ravens  34

The Island Sun Bills  37
Duncan Real Estate Cardinals  13

Sato Real Estate Browns  35
Duffy’s Tavern Raiders  33

Adult co-ed Flag Football Schedule

Feb. 6, Wednesday, 7 p.m., Lobstahs Lions vs. Agnelli Pools & Spa Giants
Feb. 6, Wednesday, 8 p.m., Harrington House Bucs vs. Beach to Bay Construction Ravens
Feb. 6, Wednesday, 9 p.m., Slim’s Place Patriots vs. BY Construction Bears
Feb. 7, Thursday, 6 p.m., The Island Sun Bills vs. Florida Discount Signs Colts
Feb. 7, Thursday, 7 p.m., Southern Greens Seahawks vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings
Feb. 7, Thursday, 8 p.m., Duncan Real Estate Cardinals vs. Sato Real Estate Browns
Feb. 7, Thursday, 9 p.m., Duffy’s Tavern Raiders vs. Waterfront restaurant Dolphins

14-17-Year-Olds Flag Football Results

Lobstahs Colts  34
Eat Here Packers  20

Eat Here Packers  55
Beach to Bay Construction Browns  33

West Coast Surf Shop Bucs  33
Integrity Sound Falcons  25

Walter & Associates Bears  26
Eat Here Packers  25

Integrity Sound Falcons  33
Beach to Bay Construction Browns  7

West Coast Surf Shop Bucs  20
Lobstahs Colts 14

14-17-Year-Olds Flag Football schedule

Feb. 9, Saturday, 9 a.m., Lobstahs Colts vs. Integrity Sound Falcons
Feb. 9, Saturday, 10 a.m., Walter & Associates Bears vs. Beach to Bay Construction Browns
Feb. 9, Saturday, 11 a.m.,Eat Here Packers vs. West Coast Surf Shop Bucs
Feb. 11, Monday, 8 p.m., West Coast Surf Shop Bucs vs. Lobstahs Colts
Feb. 12, Tuesday, 6 p.m., Eat Here Packers vs. Lobstahs Colts
Feb. 12, Tuesday, 7 p.m., West Coast Surf Shop Bucs vs. Beach to Bay Construction Browns
Feb. 12, Tuesday, 8 p.m., Integrity Sound Falcons vs. Walter & Associates Bears

11-13-Year-Olds Flag Football Results

Beach Bums Ravens  47
Walter & Associates Bears  29

Holy Cow Ice Cream Cardinals  36
Edgewater Realty Jaguars 12

Ross Built Construction Dolphins  41
Beach Bums Ravens  19

Holy Cow Ice Cream Cardinals  40
Mr. Bones Colts  12

Lobstahs Bucs  42
Edgewater Realty Jaguars  13

11-13-Year-Olds Flag Football schedule

Feb. 8, Friday, 8 p.m., Edgewater Realty Jaguars vs. Beach Bums Ravens
Feb. 9, Saturday, 4 p.m., Mr. Bones Colts vs. Ross Built Construction Dolphins
Feb. 11, Monday, 6 p.m., Ross Built Construction Dolphins vs. Lobstah’s Bucs
Feb. 11, Monday, 7 p.m., Holy Cow Ice Cream Cardinals vs. Walter & Associates Bears
8-10-Year-Olds Flag Football Results
LPAC Cardinals  27
Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings  0

Lobstahs Browns  20
Manatee Cancer Center Dolphins  6

8-10-Year-Olds Flag Football schedule

Feb. 6, Wednesday, 6 p.m., Lobstahs Browns vs. Miller Electric Chargers
Feb. 8, Friday, 6 p.m., Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings vs. Manatee Cancer Center Dolphins
Feb. 8, Friday, 7 p.m., Air & Energy Jets vs. Beach Bistro Bucs
Feb. 9, Saturday, 12 p.m., Beach Bistro Bucs vs. Coastal Orthopedics Bears
Feb. 9, Saturday, 1 p.m., LPAC Cardinals vs. Miller Electric Chargers
Feb. 9, Saturday, 2 p.m., Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings vs. Lobstahs Browns
Feb. 9, Saturday, 3 p.m., Manatee Cancer Center Dolphins vs. Air & Energy Jets

5-7-Year-Olds Flag Football Schedule

Feb. 8, Friday, 6: p.m., Lobstahs Broncos vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings

Adult co-ed Volleyball Results

Lobstah’s  25
Island Real Estate  23
(First game of best 2 out of 3)

Island Real Estate  25
Lobstah’s  13
(Second game of best 2 out of 3)

Lobstah’s  25
Island Real Estate  21
(Third game of best 2 out of 3)

Tyler’s Ice Cream  25
Duncan Real Estate  21
(First game of best 2 out of 3)

Tyler’s Ice Cream  25
Duncan Real Estate  16
(Second game of best 2 out of 3)

Tyler’s Ice Cream  25
Lobstah’s 18
(First game of best 2 out of 3)

Tyler’s Ice Cream  25
Lobstah’s  22
(Second game of best 2 out of 3)

Adult co-ed Volleyball schedule

Feb. 5, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Duncan Real Estate vs. Lobstah’s
Feb. 5, Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Island Real Estate vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream
Feb. 5, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m., Duncan Real Estate vs. Island Real Estate


Reader’s Digest goes vegan

In case you think it is too difficult to go vegan, it really isn’t. Just this week, I woke up to a ton of posts on my social media pages telling me about an article I was featured in called "11 Convincing Reasons That Eating Vegan Isn’t Crazy."

The article appeared in the online version of Reader’s Digest, which says it has four million online viewers. Not to mention that it is the second largest paid subscription magazine in the U.S. Reason four in the article, on Page 4 is "Eating Vegan is Cheap," and it had a huge picture of my book.

I didn’t even know that this was happening. You don’t get more mainstream than Reader’s Digest. Though I’m told that there are no plans for this article to make next month's print edition, unless it goes even more viral than it already has. If you’ve already shared, thank you! You can read about the other great reasons to go vegan here:

That a mainstream publication would even print such an article is beyond imagination. The source of the story was the force behind a great vegan movie called “Vegucated.” It’s about three people who turn their lives and health around eating vegan. These stories are so common now, the VegNews has started a column called Veganism Saved My Life. Yes, results are typical. When is the medical establishment going to shake off the powerful influence of drug companies and smell the cilantro?

I know this article was also great for so many who have been told by well-meaning family members or friends that they are crazy. I don’t know… it always seemed that as I watched my sisters have a chest cracked open for heart surgery, or watched them lose limbs and eyes to diabetes or be up close to the ravages of chemo, changing your diet seemed to be so much easier and rational.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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