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Vol. 13 No. 3 - October 31, 2012


Dogs rule at Canine Costume Contest

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Maggie Field | SUN
Privateer Tim "Hammer" Thompson makes some
introductions during the contest.

The stars came out and went completely to the dogs Saturday afternoon during The Sun’s 10th Annual Canine Halloween Costume Contest. There were plenty of celebrity sightings, including the team of “Bark Obama” and “Mutt Romney,”

Richard Simmons in very short shorts, a peacock, some pirates, crustaceans, an elephant, a party animal, a witch and an Ewok, just to name a few. Sixteen of the 34 entrants took home trophies, and all the pooches earned congratulatory prize ribbons for their efforts.

Canine Halloween Costume Contest results

Best Celebrity
First: Darla as “Richard Simmons.” Owner: Steve Stewart.
Second: Biscuit as “Bark Obama”; Muffin as “Mutt Romney. Owner: Stephanie Gemperline.
Third: Benji as a pirate. Owner: Andrea Rolsky.

First: Lola as a peacock. Owner: Cassie Calvert.
Second: Cody Beveridge as a tuxedo. Owner: Dede Beveridge.
Third: Carter as a lobster. Owners: Jim and Carol Smith.

Most Original
First: Miss Chickita Juanita as a witch. Owner: Mary Hatfield.
Second: Bruchi as a spider. Owner: Judy Fraser.
Third: Winston as an elephant. Owner: Leiganne Hayes.

Honorable Mention
Pepper as an Ewok. Owner: Joann Pattison.
Lucy as a party animal. Owner: Terry Roberts.
Barney and Gracie as bumblebees. Owner: Linda Mayberry.

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