The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

Vol. 12 No. 33 - May 30, 2012


Sip and slide at the beach


Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

When you walk in the water, do the
stingray shuffle to scare the creatures away.

It's that time of year when it's especially important to sip your water and slide your feet.

Lifeguard David treated a heat exhaustion patient on the beach on May 12, a reminder to stay hydrated.

Stingray season is also here, and on May 22, we had our first bad hit that required a French vacationer to seek medical attention at Blake Hospital. Soak the puncture in hot water as soon as possible – it will ease the pain. And remember to do the Anna Maria moon walk and shuffle your feet to scare them away.

Lifeguard Curtis had a double victim rip-tide rescue in front of stand four on May 10, before he started work. He happened to be in the area preparing to do his morning workout and made the rescue. One of the victims required the attention of Medic 9's Paramedic Lastrapes and E.M.T. Ward. They assessed the young lady and determined that she ingested water. Great job by all parties involved.

Shortly after that, lifeguard Joe G. responded to a patron being assaulted in the parking lot. It turns out the other person was using a vehicle and trying to run the person over. Holmes Beach Police were called and that allowed Joe to go back to watching the water.

Lifeguard Roberto is at it again – on Mother's Day he had two assists on some small children that were in trouble. The safe return was a welcome gift for those mothers.

The Marine Rescue Division received a proclamation from the Board of County Commissioners designating the week of May 21-28 as National Beach Safety week. The weekend of May 19-20, Lt. Rex started National Beach Safety week with Jet Ski training procedures in and around Longboat Pass with rescue and high speed response scenarios performed by the staff with expert precision. If you were on the water in the area you may have seen the water professionals honing their skills.

Be safe, and have a great day at the beach!


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