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Vol. 12 No. 22 - March 14, 2012


Slim's Place wins volleyball title

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AMICC Volleyball champion Slim's Place, front row, Aris
Thompson, Ryan Hoganand, back row, Matt Ray,
Troy Shonk, Kelly Grant and Wayne Grant

The Anna Maria Island Community Center's inaugural adult co-ed volleyball season is now over. The champion is Slim's Place, aka "The Green Machine." It took three sets to gain the title, but Slim's held onto its first place season record to win the playoff championship against Best Buy.

Slim's won the first set 25 to 18. In the second set, Best Buy responded and won 25-14. The third and final set to determine the first ever volleyball champion was a close one and Slim's captured the crown 25-20.

Holding their head high for the Slim's team are Kelly Grant, Wayne Grant, Ryan Hogan, Matt Ray, Troy Shonk and Aris Thompson. Another volleyball season is planned for the summer 2012.

AMICC Youth NFL Flag Football Awards

The Anna Maria Island Community Center's 2011-12 NFL Flag Football awards ceremony honored the regular season champions and also all the special award category winners. The following awards were given by division:

Division III (8-9 year-olds):

First place regular season – Beach Bistro Vikings; coach Darrin Horesh; players: Andrew Burgess, Morgan Horesh, Nathan Hyman, Roman Langley, Adam Oulddaba, Tony Rappold and Sean Rodriguez.

Female MVP: Ava Zink

Male MVP: Nathan Hyman

Sportsmanship award: Daniel Sentman

Defensive MVP: Daniel Fritz

Division II (10-12 year-olds):

First place regular season, East Division – Mr. Bones Colts; coach J.T Goode, players: Mason Blanford, Ben Connors, Malachi Goode, Zachariah Goode, Rory Houston, Michael Potter, and Joey Thiel. West Division: Ross Built Broncos; coach Greg Ross,; players: Corbin Gregg, Griffin Heckler, Hannah McCracken, Andrew Ross, Jake Ross, Gavin Sentman and Javan Vasquez.

Female MVP: Hannah McCracken

Male MVP: Rory Houston

Sportsmanship award: Jayse Berzowski

Defensive MVP: J. P Russo

Division I (13-16 year-olds):

First Place regular season – Walter & Associates Bears; coach Paul Kurtz; players: Madison Driscoll, Max Miller, Keegan Murphy, Derek Polch, Jacob Talucci, Jack Walter and Seth Walter.

Female MVP: Moriah Goode

Male MVP: Chris Galati

Sportsmanship award: Jack Shinn

Defensive MVP: Joseph Andruzzi

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football League Results Included on the playoff brackets.

Adult Flag Football stats leaders:

Passing Yards TDs

M. Piermarini 2,531 50
C. Buky 2,306 40
T. Bekkerus 2,226 42

Rushing Yards TDs

N. Coleman 405 4
R. Moss 198 0
K. Austin 184 4

Receiving Yards TDs

T. Tyrell 962 16
M. Morgan 874 14
D. Murphy 871 12

Extra Points Total

E. Gledhill 13
H. Harrison 12
J. Conley 11

Interceptions Total

A.J. Brown 9
M. Morgan 9
P. Calvary 8

Flag Pulls Total

E. Gledhill 35
M. Morgan 32
T. Shaughnessy 30

Sacks Total

J. Brisson 6
E. Argeros 5
M. Simpson 4
A. Brown 4

To view all the adult leagues individual player stats and team standings go to the Community Center's new sports page at hometeamsonline.com/amicc.


New York, New York

If you have been following my adventures of having written my publisher's #1 book, you may recall that I was headed to New York's Vegetarian Festival. I was the one of the two two billed speakers since my book is still relatively new. My publisher has been able to get me invited to the largest vegfests. Toronto, Boston, Tampa and Orlando vegfests are done, more on tap.

It seems that one wild and crazy event happens after another. Last week it was Ellen DeGeneres's' personal trainer contacting me to get the book on Ellen's website, and this week a New York surprise.

I was only scheduled to speak once at New York's event. Maybe because I grew up in a family of public speakers and mild rabble-rousers, public speaking is not my #1 fear as it is with so many people. I welcome the opportunity to get out there and talk about how much money you can save by eating a plant-based diet.

The savings are not only achieved at the store, but by avoiding the diseases and hospital visits that a lifetime of poor food choices can cost. As I get out there on the lecture circuit, it feels like I'm the only person really talking about this.

I was scheduled to give my slide show at New York's event on Saturday only. My publisher sent four handlers to manage the crush of people that flooded the book signing area where I was after my talk. There were 42 books in each of the four boxes. We came six books away from selling out.

I will get about $80 from my percentage of the book sales. Keep in mind, my publisher pays my expenses to all these shows. Although I received no advance for my book, I spoke to one woman who said she blew her entire $250,000 advance paying for a publicist and travel expenses.

On Sunday, the organizer of the event came up to my table at 12:25 and asked, "Ellen, I have a favor to ask you."

We had had a delightful conversation the day before, so I immediately said, "Yes, to anything you ask."

"Wait until I tell you what it is. Our 12:30 speaker had to cancel because he was just arrested. Can you fill in for him, please?"

I won't tell you the details because they are just too weird, and I haven't seen the arrest report confirming it.

I didn't have my laptop, and for the first time, I gave my talk without any visuals. I spoke for 45 minutes and opened it up for questions. It went fine.

Everyone who had anything to do with organizing the festival came up to me afterwards and thanked me for filing in. The next day, the blogosphere was ablaze with kind words about both of my talks.

But wait, it gets more bizarre. On my flight from New York to Baltimore, I slid past a guy who was sitting on the aisle. He tried repeatedly to hold my thermos full of tea. He probably didn't know it had a vacuum seal on it.

He eventually grabbed the thermos where I had put it down on the seat between us. I probably showed signs of increasing annoyance as I was trying to arrange my stuff under the seat in front of me.

I scooted over toward the window and a woman sat between us. She told me her daughter was vegan and I launched into my elevator speech to the high heavens.

Finally, toward the end of the flight, the Thermos man said, I've been listening to you and my wife is vegan. What's the name of your book?"

I say as I always do, "I'd love to be the next healthy Rachel Ray. I'd do it for free. You'd think with a couple of Emmys I could do this."

He tells me and eventually gives me a business card to confirm that he is indeed the president of one of the largest television station conglomerates.

"We like the word free, he says. I'll be in touch."

I was seriously regretting my earlier impatience and using the word, free. He has already sent an e-mail. My proposal for a 30 minute show is in. Talk is cheap. Stay tuned.

Next weekend is the largest health food vendor expo in the US in Los Angeles. Wonder what adventures are in store. Gotta run.

Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones is the author of "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day" and a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. She can be contacted at www.vegcoach.com.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: www.vegcoach.com. She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at ejones@vegcoach.com or 941-704-1025.

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