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Vol. 12 No. 20 - February 29, 2012


Playoffs start this week

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

"Strategy"! Head coach Greg Ross and assistant Chuck McCracken
set the game-plan for the Ross Built Construction Broncos.

The road to the Super Bowl Championship begins this week with the much anticipated AMICC flag football playoffs. Top seeds for placement ranking are still to be determined during the final regular season games this week and are still too close to call in the youth divisions. Especially in the 13- to16-year-old Division I. Youth playoffs begin this Saturday, March 3.

On top of the Adult Co-Ed Division are the AFC Division, Duffy's Tavern Ravens and the Coastal Orthopedic Raiders, who get the first and second place bye, respectively. In the NFC Division, Slim's Place Dolphins and Florida Discount 49ers get the first and second place bye, respectively. Playoffs begin this Thursday and shake out like this:

March 1, Thursday, 6 p.m. AFC 5th seed (winner of Feb. 29, Wednesday, 7 p.m.) vs. AFC fourth seed The Feast Falcons

March 1, Thursday, 7 p.m. NFC fifth seed Sato Real Estate Browns vs. NFC fourth seed Beach to Bay Construction Texans

March 1, Thursday, 8 p.m. AFC sixth seed (loser of Feb. 29, Wednesday, 7 p.m.) vs. AFC 3rd seed Tyler's Ice Cream Vikings

March 1, Thursday, 9 p.m. NFC sixth seed Waterfront Restaurant Bills VS. NFC third seed Edgewater Real Estate Broncos

Division III (8-9-year-olds) Results:

Pink & Navy Boutique Cowboys  14
Beach Bums Steelers  21

Southern Greens Jets  14
Gettel Toyota Texans  25

Waterfront Restaurant Raiders  6
Beach Bistro Vikings 12

Division II (10-12-year-olds) Results:

Mr. Bones Colts  56
Eat Here Bears 56

Sandbar Restaurant Falcons  0
Ross Built Construction Broncos  51

Cedars Tennis Resort Seahawks  13
Sand Dollar Steelers  46

Division I (13-16-year-olds) Results:

Mar Vista Raiders  19
Galati Yacht Sales Texans  27
Integrity Sound Redskins 27
Walter & Associates Bears  28

Jessie's Island Store Steelers  16
First American Bank Ravens  18

Integrity Sound Redskins  20
Galati Yacht Sales Texans  32

Mar Vista Raiders 13
Walter & Associates Bears 31

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football League Results:

Galati Yacht Sales Chargers  6
Slim's Place Dolphins  26

Tyler's Ice Cream Vikings  18
Coastal Orthopedic Raiders  35

Agnelli Pool & Spa Packers  28
The Feast Falcons  48

Fins Bar Bears  20
Duffy's Tavern Ravens  39

Florida Discount Signs 49ers  6
Edgewater Real Estate Broncos  26

Waterfront Restaurant Bills  36
Sato Real Estate Browns  39

Banana Cabana Bengals  26
Beach to Bay Construction Texans  32

Adult stats leaders:

Passing Yards TD's
M. Piermarini 2,043 41
T. Bekkerus 1,865 35
C. Buky 1,860 35

Rushing yards TD's
N. Coleman 303 3
R. Moss 130 0
P. Calvary 121 0

Receiving Yards TD's
D. Murphy 727 10
B. Hartwig 712 13
T. Tyrell 705 14

Extra points Total
S. Dell 8
D. Dejesus 7
B. Hartwig 7

Interceptions Total
A.J. Brown 8
P. Calvary 8
D. Murphy 7

lag pulls Total
J. Moss 21
T. Shaughnessy 21
E. Gledhill 19

Sacks Total
J. Brisson 6
E. Argeros 5
M. Simpson 4

Instructional League Flag Schedule: (5-7-Year-old):

Mar. 2, Friday, 6 p.m. Island Real Estate Colts VS. LPAC Cardinals
Mar. 2, Friday, 7 p.m. – Island Dental Spa Broncos VS. Tyler's Ice Cream Vikings

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League Results:

Best Buy 25
Tyler's Ice Cream  23
(First game of best two out of three)

Best Buy  27
Tyler's Ice Cream  25
(Second game of best two out of three

Slim's Place  26
Best Buy  24
(First game of best two out of three)

Slim's Place  22
Best Buy  25
(Second game of best two out of three)

Slim's Place  23
Best Buy  25
(Third game of best two out of three)

To view all the adult leagues individual player stats and team standings go to the Community Center's new sports page at hometeamsonline.com/amicc.


Whole Foods - the whole story

I know you've been dying to know more about my teaser headline last week…the accomplishment of a real bucket list priority. Getting a book, well my book specifically, into Whole Foods. As my publisher told me months ago, "It's a process." Indeed.

In 1984, the year my sister got breast cancer and same year I almost died of a colon blockage, I started changing my diet to include more plants. Doctors said, "You better make some serious changes unless you want to end up like everyone else in your family."

The St. Louis Post Dispatch did a story on the hometown girl coming back to be a TV investigative/consumer reporter. They used several pictures, including one of me standing in front of my kitchen counter that was wall-to-wall beans. They quoted me saying, "There's a real strong connection between diet and cancer."

Of all the things I said to the reporter, of course, the joke about wanting to open up a fast food health food chain and call it Tofu Tico became the headline, "Local reporter dreams of opening café serving natural foods." I have always joked in my talks around the country that I wish I had thought of the name Whole Foods instead.

The article went on, "I'm not a 'nut' about it," I said, already defending decades of being called "a health food nut," and other assorted labels. But in retrospect, with our family history of breast cancer, for starters, mom, aunt and both sisters, I did the investigative reporting job of my life to figure out how to dodge those genes and environmental conditioning.

My book has been the result of decades of searching for answers that weren't funded by an industry, a product or a company with vested financial interests. If I couldn't have invented Whole Foods, getting them to sell a book I wrote is a great second choice.

For anything that has to do with the marketing of my book, I work and speak directly with the CEO of my publishing company. He is the one who tells me where I'm going on my book tour. Almost always, he is the one who coordinates everything that happens in the cities where I speak and do book signings.

He told me that getting into Whole Foods would take some time and wouldn't be easy. But he said most likely it would happen eventually. I don't know how he knew that. He personally made visits to the Whole Foods store in Tampa months ago. He told me to keep e-mailing, calling, visiting…being a polite pest.

Since taking not no for answer is a leftover from my TV reporting and financial services sales days, being persistent is no problem. But I think what may have been a deal closer at the Tampa store was that a friend, who helps organize the vegetarian festival there, dropped off a copy of my book to a decision-maker there.

Not long after, I received an e-mail saying the book was in stock, and when could I come speak. The details of the latter are still in the works.

Then last weekend, my husband and I strolled into Whole Foods in Sarasota for dinner. I had been told my book was not there yet. After dinner, I strolled leisurely over to the book area, and saw that there were five copies of my book right above Martha Stewart's cookbook. I paraded the book back to where my hubby was munching on dessert trying to control my elation.

Another well-known vegan cookbook author who is a friend on Facebook asked me how I got my book into Whole Foods. I replied, "My publisher, persistence, magic? I don't know." My hubby and I counted all the books in the Sarasota Whole Foods. There were about 100. And many were not vegan or even vegetarian.

I just hope that all five copies have sold by now and that an invitation to come give the fun slide-show presentation I'm giving to the New York VegFest next weekend in Manhattan, then Seattle, Hartford, New Orleans and more the next few weeks will come from every Whole Foods in Florida. I have wheels, ya know. I love talking about how much money you save in the long and short run by eating healthfully.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: www.vegcoach.com. She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at ejones@vegcoach.com or 941-704-1025.

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