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Vol. 12 No. 14 - January 18, 2012


Strong defense for Southern Greens Jets

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Scott dell | submitted
Jeremiah Sculco, of Island Dental Spa Broncos, runs
to the outside edge in Center Instructional Flag Football.

The Sun Sports game of the week was an AFC divisional adult flag football contest, at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, featuring the Coastal Orthopedic Raiders vs. Duffy's Tavern Ravens.

The Coastal Orthopedic Raiders started the game on defense and on the very first play recorded a safety giving them a 2-0 lead and the ball to their offense. On the Raider's third offense play, quarterback Kevin Austin threw a 45 yard bomb to Eric Gledhill for the touchdown. The extra point was no good, 8-0 Raiders. After the Raven's found themselves in a hole, after just four plays, their offense started to roll. It only took four plays of their own before quarterback Matt Piermarini threw a 12-yard TD pass to Adam Mott. The extra point pass was good to Jeff Conley, score 8-7 Raiders. The Raven's defense recorded their own safety the next play and did not let the Raiders score for the rest of the first half. The Raven's offense continued to roll though. Piermarini threw a TD pass to Bobby Reynolds and another to Adam Mott plus an extra point to Conley and Mott before the first half ended and made the score 23-8 at halftime.

The Raiders started with the ball in the second half and on first and goal Danny Murphy, of the Ravens, intercepted a pass and went end zone to end zone for the pick-six touchdown. The extra point was no good when Chrissie McCracken sacked the QB, score 29-8 Ravens. The Raiders pulled out some trickery when Shandi Austin passed to husband Kevin Austin, which helped them move the ball down field and into position for another TD pass by Kevin Austin to Gledhill. The two-point conversion pass was good to Chuck McCracken, score 29-16 Ravens. With nine minutes left in the game, the Ravens offense scored again on a Piermarini 27-yard TD pass to Ryan Hogan. The extra point pass was good to Conley, score 36-16 Ravens. On the next series, Austin threw a 45-yard bomb to a wide open Chuck McCracken for the TD. The extra point was no good, score 36-22 Ravens. With only 90 seconds left, Chuck McCracken intercepted a pass for the Raiders defense. But with time running out, the Ravens defense held strong and secured their second victory of the season, final score 36-22.

Division III (8-9 year-olds) Results:

Beach Bums Steelers 0
Waterfront Restaurant Raiders 12

Gettel Toyota Texans 18
Pink & Navy Boutique Cowboys 22

Beach Bistro Vikings 22
Southern Greens Jets 20

Division II (10-12 year-olds) Results:

Ross Built Broncos 42
Sand Dollar Steelers 7

Mr. Bones Colts 34
Sandbar Falcons 0

LPAC Cardinals  37
Air & Energy Chargers  8

Eat Here Bears 24
Cedars Tennis Resort Seahawks 8

Division I (13-16 year-olds) Results:

Galati Yacht Sales Texans 46
Walter & Associates Bears 24

Integrity Sound Redskins 33
First American Bank Ravens 27

Mar Vista Restaurant Raiders 12
Jessie's Island Store Steelers 20

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football League Results:

Waterfront Restaurant Bills 27
Edgewater Realty Broncos 25

Agnelli Pool & Spa Packers 31
Banana Cabana Bengals 6

Galati Yacht Sales Chargers 31
Tyler's Ice Cream Vikings 14

Fins Bar Bears 28
The Feast Falcons 42

Sato Real Estate Browns 6
Slim's Place Dolphins 40

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League Results:

Tyler's Ice Cream 31
Best Buy 29
(First game of best 2 out of 3)

Tyler's Ice Cream 25
Best Buy 11
(Second game of best 2 out of 3)

Best Buy 17
Slim's Place 25
(First game of best 2 out of 3)

Best Buy 6
Slim's Place 25
(Second game of best 2 out of 3)


Tough to lose in good humor

I really, really try to be a good loser. Mama taught me that. I play Words With Friends (the #1 app on smart phones that's an abbreviated scrabble game) and beat everyone most of the time. I play other cookbook authors around the country. You can chat with opponents, too, and we authors chat about how we see words in our head and are just, well, a little "different." That's why we are authors. That's why we write. We love words and we love to put them together. I look at a scrabble board and see all kinds of words.

You can use "Words With Friends Cheat," which defeats the point of playing. I've looked at it, and it's way more complicated and time-consuming than just playing the game. It's like, what's the point of cheating? No challenge there. It's not like I have to beat everyone. Seriously!

Back to fitness. Every year since the Dolphin Dash 5K at Anna Maria Island Elementary School started years ago, I've won or placed in my age group. Twice, including last year, I got first place. I've even PR'd (personal record). This year I didn't even place. I got 5th in my usually very competitive 55-59 age group. Here are my excellent excuses in order of strong feelings (I can already feel you crying me a river):

1. I have been sitting in the computer chair too long. Writing my book that came out last year got me there. I knew that I would be promoting it on social media. The CEO of my publishing company calls what I've done on Facebook amazing. He's asked me to tutor others. So I'm in the chair doing that. Just to give you an idea, one day this week, my book began the day ranked 31,000 on all books sold on Amazon. They sell millions. My publisher is delighted with anything below 100,000. Many books never get below 200,000. I got crabby about my ranking, so I posted the video of Mitt Romney's Fox News interview about the dog he put in an airtight container on the roof of his car. A must-see, if you haven't. Suffice it to say, this is something anyone who cares about pets is interested in watching. At the end of the day, my ranking had gone down, improving to 10,000! A significant change. But it takes time in the chair.

2) Sitting in chairs means quick meals and too many Larabars. Not enough time devoted to fixing those recipes I put in my book. Can you say, "Shoemaker's Daughter" syndrome? I need a chef.

3) At the starting line of the race, I'm standing next to two women in glow-in-the-dark iridescent bright green jackets - you know, the kind you can see from 5 miles away? Of course, they are in my age group and are here on vacation. "I read about it and it looked like a nice race." "Do you race much?" I asked. "I can't remember the last time I did a 5K. I'm used to doing marathons with an 11-minute mile pace," she answered. "I'm cooked," I thought. "You'll get 1st place," I told her. She did.

4) Can't wait 'till I turn 60 in November, when I'll jump to the next age group. I'm the oldest in my age group and the youngsters typically beat the oldsters.

5) The weather! Omg, my hubby said the wind clocked at 24 mph. It never let up. It felt like a wall.

As the woman next to me at the starting line who beat me said, "We're just here to donate a little money to the school and have fun, right?" Right. I am trying to remember that is right, even though the reason she may have come to the race is because I blabbed it all over Facebook. Some people at AMI elementary came up and thanked me for that. It's about the kids. It's about finishing without injury. That old goal I used to have before I started winning my age group.

Another woman in my age group who finished seconds ahead of me said, "You know, you always beat me." "Congratulations," I said. "Nice job."

Time for a stress-relieving warm bath.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: www.vegcoach.com. She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at ejones@vegcoach.com or 941-704-1025.

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