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Vol. 12 No. 6 - November 23, 2011


'We are the champions'

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

MICC Soccer 8-9-year-old tournament champs Gettel Toyota.

The AMICC youth soccer and adult basketball tourneys are over, and the champions have been crowned. Here are the results of what turned out to be two more great competitions to conclude the seasons.

Division III (8-9-year-old) championship

Island Pest Control – 0 
Gettel Toyota – 5
Gettel Toyota caps off its perfect undefeated season with a decisive win. League Male M.V.P, Daniel Fritz, scored an impressive four goals and Jack Groves added the other goal.

Division II (10-11-year-old) championship

Jen Crady Massage – 7 
LaPensee Plumbing – 8 
Overtime shootout
After a 4-4 end of regulation tie, LaPensee Plumbing finished as tournament champions at the conclusion of a dramatic 4-3 shootout. Adra Dupris, Sullivan Ferreira, Corbin Gregg and Joe Rogers all scored regulation goals for LaPensee Plumbing. Cameron Pasco scored two last minute goals to tie the game and send it to a shootout, and league M.V.P Aidan Grumley and Trent Shackleford added one goal each in regulation for Jen Crady Massage.

Division I (12-14-year-old) championship

Autoway Ford – 2 
Wash Family Construction – 5
Wash Family Construction upset the regular season champs to gain the tournament championship. Neil Carper and Cortni Wash both scored two goals, and Tyler Yavalar added one goal for the Champs. League M.V.P, Michael Latimer, scored both goals for Autoway Ford.

Adult co-ed basketball championship

Beach to Bay Construction – 52 
Agnelli Pools & Spa – 56 
Agnelli Pools had to come back from 12 points down in the second half to capture the championship. Aaron Duduks scored 27 points, Nate Coleman added 23, Frank Agnelli had four points and Tyler Krauss added two points in the end of season victory. Nick Diaz had 20 points before leaving the game in the third quarter with an injury. Scott Eason scored 18 points; Tommy Tyrell added eight points, Chuck Bucky had four and George Imes had 2twopoints for Beach to Bay Construction.

Adult co-ed soccer playoff results

West Coast Air Conditioning – 3
Ross Built Construction – 7
Emily Ageros scored three goals, Christine Rice added two goals, and Greg Ross and Kris Yavalar added one goal each to get the impressive win. Damir Glavan scored all three goals for the West Coast Air team.

Euphemia Haye -– 3 
Sato Real Estate – 6
Jesse Brisson scored three goals and Matt Plummer, Josh Sato and Korey Rogers each added one goal for the Sato Real Estate victory. Paul Hayward, Ryan Hogan and Tim Tedesco each scored a goal for Euphemia Haye.

Florida Discount Signs – 1 
Jessie's Island Store – 2
Robert McClaughlin and Anthony
Rasulo each scored a goal for the Jessie's Island Store close win. Cody Sullivan scored the lone goal for Florida Discount Signs.

Don Meilner & Son Construction – 1 
Island Pest Control – 2
Enrico Bissert and Scott Eason each scored a goal for the Island Pest Control close win. Zach Gilliland scored the only goal for Don Meilner & Son Construction.

Youth soccer all-star results


Luke Marvin scored two goals and Daniel Fritz and Jack Barnes scored one goal each for the Black All-star team victory. Julius Petereit scored the lone goal for the Royal All-star team.


Cameron Pasco and Adra Dupris scored a goal each for the Black All-star 2-0 victory.


Keiran Grumley and Jackie Burgess each scored two goals, Michael Latimer and Jacob Talucci each scored one goal for the Black All-star team win. Henrick Hellum-Brusso scored two goals and Nico Calleja and Tyler Yavalar each scored one goal for the Royal All-star team.

Youth flag football tryout dates changed

Tryout dates for AMICC youth flag football have been changed to:
Monday, Dec. 5, from 6 to 7 p.m. for 13- to 16-year-old age group;
Monday, Dec. 5, from 7 to 8 p.m. for 10-to 12-year-old age group;
Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 6 to 7 p.m. for 5-to 7-year-old age group;
Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 7 to 8 p.m. for 8-to 9-year-old age group.

Birthday bash – bones should have broken

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Ellen Jaffe Jones shows the second place ribbon
she won after taking a fall and continuing the race.


Since I turned 28 and started running, I've always had a tradition I've tried to uphold – running (or walking) on my birthday, But the running part isn't happening this year. I'm still shaking my head about last week – one week ago as I write. Today is my 59th birthday. It is truly a miracle I can write and that I have no broken bones.

A week ago, I ran a new (to me) 5K at Manatee Technical Institute Law Enforcement Academy. A small race as they go, but a big crowd at the start and some challenges trying to figure out where to go at a roundabout in the distance, where I focused on runners going in two different and unexplainable directions.

My big right toe made contact with a small, but tall unmarked speed bump. I had only a split second to think, "Break the fall." It was fast. It was hard.

I remained on the ground, face down, for about five minutes. Per usual, I started out fast, and I protected my head as runners passed around/over me. After they were gone, some kind volunteers started probing and prodding. The EMS ambulance on standby at the start line was summoned. Someone asked if I wanted to stand. I held onto another kind volunteer's arm and rose up like a skier rising out of the water on tow rope.

I realized that if I didn't finish, it would be the first race in 30 years that I wouldn't finish. I had never fallen in a race. Ever! I dusted off my pride and looked at my elbow that was not quite, but almost gushing blood. My left knee was throbbing, but as I walked around it was less throbbing. My compression pants had kept my knees from getting as mauled as my elbow, which took the brunt of the fall.

I politely told the volunteers, who were beginning to look at me like, "OK, we can see that you're one of these stereotypical runners," "um…I think I'll catch EMS at the finish line." Despite a chorus of "You sure about that?" I began walking, and then a slow trot. I allowed the race endorphins to take over, and from a dead last position, began passing a few, not many, but a few runners. It was enough to get me second in my age group. If I hadn't fallen, I would have been first.

But the real victory is I didn't break anything. My friend and excellent physical therapist at Coastal Orthopedics, Kali McGregor, who finished the race second, came back and ran and coached me in the last mile. More importantly was what she told me after the race, "Don't walk like mummy," she said. "Don't give in to the negative thoughts." She assured me like others that for me to be moving the way I was, nothing was broken.

Wow! How did I not break? What's even more astounding is how fast I've healed this week. I had a massage five days after the accident with Island Wellness Spa's Amanda, and she too was shocked at how not sore I was and how rapidly my gaping wounds had healed. She said most people my age would have broken a toe, one or two kneecaps and an elbow and done major back damage.

Why was I different? I eat a plant-based, vegan diet. Nothing with a face or a mom. There are some studies that show a vegan diet is very healing and anti-inflammatory. As a cooking instructor for The Cancer Project, being a personal trainer and running coach, none of this is really a surprise.

The real amazing thing is that we drink the most amount of milk in this country, yet we have the highest rate of osteoporosis. How is that possible? Studies I've seen suggest that we should be less concerned with bone porousness in old age and more concerned with the risk of fracture. Books have been written about research suggesting the calcium in plants is plentiful and more absorbable than other food sources of calcium.

I was on a New York radio station talking about my new book. The host kept going off about how my website shows that I am reversing my age. I think she's on to something.

Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones is a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. Her five-month-old book, "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day" continues to be an Amazon bestseller.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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