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Vol. 11 No. 39 - July 13, 2011


Summer indoor soccer heats up at the Center

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Tim Shaugnessy runs for the Agnelli Pools & Spa
Dolphins with Erin Heckler cutting down the angle.

Indoor game summaries:

(6-9-year-old league):

Southern Greens -7
Beach Bums – 0
For Southern Greens, Julius Peteriet scored three first half goals and two second half goals to lead his team to victory. Angelina Sculco scored two second half goals as well. Goalie Ana Gonzalez gets the shut out with some help from great defenders Tori Coover and Gavin Johnston.

Island Dental Spa – 4
Fran Maxon Real Estate -4
For Island Dental Spa, Devin Calderon scored the only goal for his team in the first half. In the second half of play, Ava Zink came out and scored within the first minute of play, and Luke Marvin scored two more goals after that. Conal Cassidy anchored his team defensively the entire game. For Fran Maxon Real Estate, Taro DeHaan scored the only goal for his team in the first half, but scored another in the second. Elizabeth Laviolette and Ozzy Lonzo both added second half goals as well. Emily Bell and Madeline Rogers were solid on defense.

(10-12-year-old league):

Mr. Grout – 17
Sandbar restaurant – 3
For Mr. Grout, Nico Colacci scored four, Sydney Cornell scored one, Mychael Depanto scored three, Ethan Jenkins scored one, Dylan Joseph scored two, Michael Latimer scored two, Jake Miller scored one, Javiar Salgado scored two and Maddie Valadie scored one. For Sandbar, Ben Connors scored one goal in the first half and two goals in the second.

LaPensee Plumbing – 15
Pink & Navy Boutique – 1
For LaPensee Plumbing, Carlos Cruz scored five, Ryan Fellows scored two, Robert Fellows scored two, James Whyte scored three and Stephen Whyte scored three. For Pink & Navy Boutique, Morgan Burns scored one goal.

AMICC Youth Indoor Soccer schedule:

6- to 9-year-old League:

July 13, Wednesday, 6 p.m.
Island Dental Spa vs. Southern Greens

July 18, Monday, 6 p.m.
Island Dental Spa vs. Fran Maxon Real Estate

July 18, Monday, 7 p.m.
Beach Bums vs. Southern Greens

July 19, Tuesday, 6 p.m.
Fran Maxon Real Estate vs. Southern Greens

10- to 12-year-old League:

July 13, Wednesday, 7: p.m.
Mr. Grout vs. LaPensee Plumbing

July 13, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Sandbar restaurant vs. Pink & Navy Boutique

July 18, Monday, 8 p.m.
Sandbar restaurant vs. Mr. Grout

July 19, Tuesday, 7 p.m.
Pink & Navy Boutique vs. LaPensee Plumbing

AMICC Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Adult Co-Ed League game summaries:

Sato Real Estate Browns - 31
Island Sun Panthers 12
For the Browns, Jason Sato threw for 237 yards and five TDs, Tommy Tyrell had 119 yards receiving and two TD', Lexie Braxton had 76 yards receiving and two TD', Josh Sato had 11 yards receiving and one TD, Trevor Bayer had one extra point, Robert McGlaughin had four pulls and three sacks. For the Panthers, Scott Dell threw for 161 yards and two TDs, Kevin Austin had 84 yards receiving and a TD, Morgan Bekkerus had 7 yards receiving and a TD, Emily King had four flag pulls.

Agnelli Pool & Spa Dolphins – 35
Beach to Bay Construction Bucs - 33
For the Dolphins, Mike Shaugnessy threw for 160 yards and one TD, Tim Shaugnessy had 61 yards receiving rushed for 38 yards and had two TDs and two extra points, Brianna Shaugnessy had 39 yards receiving and a TD and an extra point, Eric Gledhill had 56 yards receiving had an interception for a TD and two extra points, Frank Agnelli had 9 yards receiving and an extra point, Zach Schield had six flag pulls and two interceptions. For the Buccaneers, Larry Berkery threw for 176 yards and five TDs, Shawn Kaleta had 82 yards receiving and three TDs, Tony Peterill had 65 yards receiving and a TD and a two-point conversion and an extra point, Erin Heckler had 17 yards receiving and a TD.

MartiniVille Saints – 27
Slim's Place Patriots - 6
For the Saints, Ryan Moss threw for 161 yards and three TDs, Jonathan Moss had 107 yards receiving and two TDs a two-point conversion an extra point and an interception return for a TD, Ed Moss had five yards receiving and a TD. For the Patriots, David Johnston threw for 77 yards and one TD, Dustin Swain had 44 yards receiving and a TD and four flag pulls, Heidi Johnston had a sack.

Integrity Sound Redskins – 42
Tyler's Ice Cream Steelers - 26
For the Redskins, Danny Murphy threw for 219 yards and five TDs and had 30 yards rushing, scored a TD and caught an extra point, Scott Rudacille had 114 yards receiving and two TDs and two extra points and a two-point conversion, Ryan Hogan had 82 yards receiving and two TDs and an extra point, Dina DeJesus had 25 yards receiving and one TD. For the Steelers Paul Kurtz threw for 195 yards and four TDs, Hampton Harrison had 103 yards receiving and two TDs and an extra point plus an interception, Chuck McCracken had 54 yards receiving and a TD and an extra point, Rob Alderson had 38 yards receiving and a TD.

AMICC NFL Flag Football schedule:

Adult Co-Ed League:

July 14, Thursday, 6 p.m. Slim's Place Patriots vs Beach to Bay Construction Bucs

July 14, Thursday, 7 p.m. Agnelli Pool & Spa Dolphins vs. Sato Real Estate Browns

July 14, Thursday, 8 p.m. Island Sun Panthers vs. Tyler's Ice Cream Steelers

July 14, Thursday, 9 p.m. MartiniVille Saints vs. Integrity Sound Redskins



Keeping fit on the cheap

Keeping fit doesn't have to be expensive.

If you belong to a gym, inquire about existing fitness center discounts.

Some of the biggest gym membership deals come from corporate accounts. Many companies, even small ones, make deals with local gyms.

Insurance companies also often offer discounts or some, like Humana, even pay for entire gym memberships. Companies understand that healthy employees cost a lot less in insurance claims and have less absenteeism.

Another option is part-time gym memberships. If you have a flexible schedule and are willing to avoid the peak times of early mornings and evenings, you might find full gym access at a fraction of the cost. In Florida, it's common to find discounts during the non-peak season when snowbirds are not here.

A home gym is another possibility. When I moved to Florida, I couldn't take my gym with me and sold it for a song on E-Bay. I was amazed how quickly the buyer came and disassembled it. Craig's List and garage sales are other great sources of used equipment, whether it's simple bar bells or a stacking weight set.

Other options include a TRX training system. It is a portable gym made out of strong nylon straps. It is geared toward all training levels and costs about $200. Because I've always been a fitness freak, I ordered one of these, but returned it. I didn't feel completely secure with the way it attached to our somewhat loosely hinged doors. But some people swear by them. It is very portable and can be attached to playground equipment or other similar structures.

For the best deal on the block, free weights are always great. All the big box and sporting goods stores sell them. Or check Amazon and Overstock for good deals. You might even pick up a DVD to go along with them. There are many, but my favorite, effective weight training DVDs are Joyce Vidral's. I was amazed to find how similar her DVDs were to the personal training certification books and instruction I received. A bench to do the exercises on can be obtained for $20, but a mat on the floor, or a plush carpet will suffice for the basics.

Another great resource is Play It Again Sports. I bought a new elliptical machine there. But it is best known for selling used or discounted new equipment. It's very hit or miss depending on the season and what it has in stock. If you get tired of your elliptical, it's a great place to trade it in for something different.

While we're talking cheap, a weekly food tip. I have lots of great tips in my book, but one is buying in bulk. My favorite aisle is beans and grains. The largest bag of beans I could find in Bradenton is a 20 pounder. But even if you don't get that size (lifting it will give you a great workout!), the larger bags provide a fourth cup of beans for just a dime! Compare that to 4 ounces of hamburger meat at $.60 a serving (and that's for the 30 percent fat variety). Even if you're not vegetarian, this is a great way to substitute a few meals a week to save money.

By the way, my recent blood work came back. Cholesterol:160 as it usually is on a plant-based diet. The nurse probed, "You must be taking something. What supplements/meds are you taking?" When I told her I wasn't she asked if I'd bring in my book.

Finally, because I've been challenged by a vegan Austin firefighter to a plank-holding contest, I'm now back up to my six-minute planks. I wowed the kids and adults at the Manatee High cross-country team practice this week where I'm an assistant volunteer coach.

Youngster, ripped firefighter Rip Essylstyn wrote "The Engine 2 Diet" after he successfully got his about-to-be-fired, high cholesterol scoring, fellow firefighters to lower their levels on a plant-based diet. We'll probably get a chance to make good on the challenge when our paths cross at food festivals in Toronto or Boston, where we're both scheduled to speak.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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