The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

Vol. 11 No. 22 - March 2, 2011


Playoff atmosphere under Friday night lights

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Brad Duffman running the ball for the
Eat Here Jaguars with Zach Stewart and
Leo Rose, of the Holy Cow Colts, in pursuit.

The Sun sports Game of the Week was an important AFC division II matchup between the second place Holy Cow Colts and the third place Eat Here Jaguars. The payoffs are coming up soon, and every divisional game is important in determining positioning and first round byes.

Under the Friday night lights, you could feel the playoff atmosphere in the air. The intensity for both teams could be felt from the first snap of play. The Eat Here Jaguars defense set the tone early causing the Holy Cow Colts offense to go three and out on their first two possessions. The Jaguars defense was led by Brad Duffman, who had three big sacks and four flag pulls and Gavin Sentman who had one interception and six pulls.

The Jag's offense came ready to play too. On the very first play, quarterback Jacob Talucci threw a short pass to Brad Duffman who juked and jived all over the field and finally was stopped on the three-yard line. Two plays later, Talucci threw a jump ball pass to Duffman into the middle of the end zone for the touchdown. On the Jaguar's second possession, they worked the ball down the field until, on third and goal, Talucci found Troy Cleland in the back of the end zone for their second touchdown. The extra point was good on a quick pass to Anthony Cucci and made the score 13-0.

With about two minutes left in the first half, Gavin Sentman picked off a pass and returned it to the three-yard line. On the next play, Talucci hooked up with Duffman again for the touchdown pass. The extra point was no good and made the score 19-0. Needing desperately to get something going, the normally high scoring Colts offense responded. With only 50 seconds left, quarterback Austin Morrow hit Zach Stewart on a deep crossing route. Zach took it to the house for a 42-yard touchdown. The two point conversion was no good and made the score 19-6 at the half.

Good coaching on both sides by veteran volunteer coaches Ben Stewart and Nate Talucci kept the score the same until 10 minutes left in the game. The Holy Cow Colts struck first in the second half. On third and goal from the three-yard line, Morrow passed to Zach Stewart for the TD. The point after was not good and made the score 19-12. The Colts were now within a touchdown of tying the game.

The Eat Here Jaguars really needed to get something going again on offense. Matt Manger-DeNegris answered for his team. Needing one yard for a big first down, he made a great catch and run down the sideline almost scoring, but was stopped on the one-foot line. The next play, Talucci came back to the quick center pass, and Cucci made the touchdown grab. The two-point conversion was good when Manger-DeNegris ran it in and made the score 27-12.

The Jaguars defense stopped the Colts and with less than two minutes, looked to just run out the clock. They handed the ball to their speedster Brad Duffman who zigzagged all over the field, staying in bounce, until finally he made it all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. This made the final score 33-12 and gave the Jaguars the win.

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Game Summaries:

Division III (8-9-year-olds)

Island Real Estate Saints 0
Connelly Marine Falcons 12

Connelly Marine Falcons 12
Beach Bums Seahawks 19

Division II (10-12-year-olds)

Mr. Spiffy Cleaning Chargers 32
Sandbar Cowboys 13

LPAC Cardinals 12
Walter & Associates Steelers 40

Ross Built Construction Vikings 20
LaPensee Plumbing Falcons 7

Holy Cow Colts 0
Walter & Associates Steelers 33

Mr. Spiffy Cleaning Chargers 6
Anna Maria Oyster Bar Dolphins 20

Sandbar Cowboys 14
Southern Greens Buccaneers 19

Southern Greens Buccaneers 14
LPAC Cardinals 20

Sandbar Cowboys 19
LPAC Cardinals 38

Division I (13-16-year-olds)

Bassett, Vita, Vining & Hermann Group Raiders 40
1st American Bank Bills 13

Beach Bistro Bears 21
Mr. Bones BBQ Eagles 14

Mr. Bones BBQ Eagles 18
1st American Bank Bills 32

Adult Co-Ed League

Walter & Associate Steelers 13
Rotten Ralphs Packers 39

Jessie's Island Store Vikings 21
Slim's Place Jaguars 14

Beach to Bay Construction Rams 18
MartiniVille Bears 33

Hurricane Hanks Patriots 12
Duffy's Tavern Buccaneers 18

Bob Vita Landscaping Cowboys 19
Island Sun Falcons 39

AMICC NFL Flag Football Schedule:

Instructional League (5-7-year-olds)

Awards - Mar. 14, Monday, 6 p.m.

Division III (8-9-year-olds)

Mar. 2, Wednesday, 6 p.m. Island Real Estate Saints VS. Connelly Marine Falcons

Division II (10-12-year-olds)

March 1, Tuesday, 7 p.m. Eat Here Jags VS. Walter & Associates Steelers

March 2, Wednesday, 7 p.m. Ross Built Vikings VS. Southern Greens Bucs

Division I (13-16-year-olds)

March 1, Tuesday, 8 p.m. Bassett, Vita, Vining & Hermann Group Raiders VS. Mr. Bones BBQ Eagles

March 2, Wednesday, 8 p.m. Beach Bistro Bears VS. 1st America Bank Bills

Adult Co-Ed League

March 3, Thursday, 5:30 p.m. Sato Real Estate Browns VS. Slim's Place Jags

March 3, Thursday, 6:30 p.m. Rotten Ralphs Packers VS. Duffy's Tavern Bucs

March 3, Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Bob Vita Landscaping Cowboys VS. MartiniVille Bears

March 3, Thursday, 8:30 p.m. Jessie's Island Store Vikings VS. Beach To Bay Construction Rams

March 3, Thursday, 9:30 p.m. Walter & Associates Steelers VS. Hurricane Hanks Patriots

Mary Seine – one amazing biker

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Mary Seine bicycles 100 miles a week around the Island,
traveling to the post office and often to the grocery store.

If you've spent any time stuck in traffic here, you may have chuckled as you saw Mary Seine whizz by on her bike. How would you know? She always wears a very bright reflective vest that says, "One less car." She's been wearing it for years since her husband gave it to her. The Sun first snapped her picture in 1995 as the in-your-face words pegged her for an environmentalist.

"All are true," she conceded as I showed up after she had just returned from a Sunday 19-mile bike ride. "I had really wanted to get one more mile in," she apologized. "But I didn't want to be late meeting you. I'll get it in after I leave. I bike mainly for health."

Originally, I started this column as a monologue for my own fitness gleanings. After my column on a 6 mile-a-day walker who was close to 100, I have received calls about more amazing role models. And as is so often the case, the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.

When I got a call about Seine, I remembered her. Actually, I remembered the words on her vest. I always thought of them as I jumped on my bike to head to the grocery store or beach. As gas prices climbed, I would rejoice, "One more dollar." The caller nominating her said the newspaper stories were done years ago, and she was happy to tell everyone Seine is still biking.

That's an understatement. No one knew how much. Seine joyously tells me she is 83 years young and has been riding a bike since junior high school. With a twinkle in her eye, she recalled the first bike that her mother gave her.

"I was raised in the Depression in Michigan," she recalled. "We were lucky to get a new pair of shoes. Getting my own bike was the happiest day of my life!"

Seine first came to Anna Maria in 1972. She worked as a bookkeeper all her life and loved that. She officially retired as the supervisor of accounts for Beall's Department Stores. She is the treasurer for the Roser Church Guild, plays duplicate bridge, runs a bridge group for the Lutheran Church and helps out with scoring for another group.

"It was so nice when my husband was alive," she reminisced. "We would always bike to the Gulf Café and have breakfast on weekends. He would help take messages and help at the thrift shop. My phone is always ringing off the hook."

I can hardly keep up with this woman, and she hasn't even started talking about biking 100 miles a week. Yeah, that's known as "a century" in the biking world. Some people aim to bike 100 miles in a month or a year. She's doing it like the pros – 100 a week!

"I try to bike every day. I bike to the post office and sometimes the grocery store," she said.

She said her friends worry about her safety and noted, "I tell them don't worry. It's in God's hands. If I fall it's my own fault. I've made mistakes, and I take full responsibility."

Whoa…there's some wisdom that comes with maturity.

"In 1999, my 9 year-old granddaughter and I were riding our bikes and we collided," she recalled. "I broke my arm, and they also found out then I needed a pacemaker. But other than that and osteoporosis, I'm in great shape and have most of my own parts."

Seine does three daily crunches (sit-ups). Breakfast is oatmeal and blueberries, lunch is soup, sometimes less. No coffee, no tea, but she drinks a lot of water. I delight when she tells me her real secret weakness – non-dairy semi-sweet chocolate chips. Right out of the bag. Now I really want to be like Seine. But I'll need to ride another 10 miles today before I can even think of catching up.

A reminder to join us every Friday at 8 a.m. for a free hour of walking or running, depending on the interests of the group. We meet at the Manatee Beach playground. Bring a towel for stretching.

Have a burning question you would like to see answered here? Contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

Ellen Jaffe Jones is an Anna Maria Island resident, accomplished endurance runner, cookbook author, certified personal trainer and running coach. She also coaches the Manatee High School Girls Cross Country and Track and Field teams.

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