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Vol. 10 No. 29 - April 21, 2010


Preseason champs crowned, season starts May 4

From the April 21, 2010 Issue
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PHOTO/BILLY MALFESE Rotten Ralphs' Forrest Schield (white #13)
puts up a free-throw shot as players from both teams look
on. Far left in black is Chandler Hardy, far right in black is
Patrick Edwards # 10. Schield made 7 of 11 free throw shots
and led all scorers with 18 points in the win 43-38 win.

Another year of Island hoops is upon us as the new season began last Wednesday with each age division competing in some form of preseason tournament. A double-elimination tournament was set for Division 3, 2 and the Premier Division in which the winners will have a chance to play for the number one seed going into the playoffs. The winners of these three divisions were Beach Bistro, Walter & Associates and Rotten Ralph's, respectively. These games served as a warm up for when games officially start on May 4, unless the preseason tournament winner is the same as the regular season winner. This season features 16 teams spread across five age divisions ranging from 5 to 17 years old. The regular season will not start immediately due to events that are being held in the Community Center’s gym over the next two weekends. For more information, schedules and statistics you can visit the Community Center’s Web site at

Division 3 (8-9)

The Beach Bistro team defeated Connie’s Landscaping 12-8 to take the title as preseason champions of Division 3, courtesy of 6 points by Proctor, 4 points from Joey Stewart and a bucket from Sentman. Connie’s Landscaping was led with 4 points from Dylan Joseph and a pair of points from Leo Rose and Tori Walter. Beach Bistro will have a chance to play for the number one seed going into the playoffs by winning this tournament, if it does not finish the season in first place.

Joey Stewart, of the Beach Bistro, team led all scorers with 6 points to help advance his team into the second round, defeating the Sandbar team 14-7. The Beach Bistro team later suffered its first loss to Connie’s Landscaping by a score of 10-7, courtesy of an eight point performance by Leo Rose.

The Beach Bistro and Sandbar faced off in the consolation bracket with Beach Bistro taking the victory 16-10 and advanced to the championship game against Connie's Landscaping. Andrew Proctor led the victors with 6 points, with 4 points from Aidan Grumley and a pair of points by Maya Sapienza and Daniel Sentman.

Division 2 (10-11)

Beach to Bay Construction defeated Bob Vita’s Lawn Service team in the opening round 24-14, with big 10 and 8-point games by Cameron Brauner and Michael Latimer, respectively. Beach to Bay Construction was defeated by Walter & Associate 14-13 as Moriah Goode finished with 10 points and helped advance his team to the next round against Ross Built Construction.

Ross Built defeated the Anna Maria Oyster Bar team 18-12, with 14 combined points between Jake and Andrew Ross. The Oyster Bar team defeated Bob Vita’s Lawn Service 17-16 with 7 points by Brandon Mills and will face Walter & Associates next. Ross Built Construction’s Andrew Ross had a dominant 13 point game to beat Walter & Associates, leading his team to a 21-11 victory.

Walter & Associates took on Beach to Bay Construction and won 14-11, moving on to the championship game against Ross Built. Walter & Associates was led with 10 points from Seth Walter and 4 points by Moriah Goode. Beach to Bay was eliminated from the tournament, but saw a 9 point performance from Cameron Brauner to lead all scorers.

Walter & Associates went on to beat Ross Built 12-8 and was crowned preseason champion, courtesy of 4 points from Walter and Goode. Jack Walter and Jordan Cooley also contributed with a bucket each in the win. Ross Built was led by Jake Ross with 6 points and one basket from Andrew Ross. Walter & Associates will have a chance to play for the number one seed going into the playoffs by winning this tournament, if it does not finish the season in first place.

Division 1 (12-13)

This division only features two teams, which only played one game in the preseason tournament where Coastal Orthopedics defeated A Paradise Realty by a score of 26-24. Coastal was led to victory with 8 points from Jake Parsons and 6 by Michael Duffman. Lauren Sapienza and Joely Hernandez each scored 4 points along with one bucket contributed by both Alexandria and Joey Salinas. A Paradise had solid 8-point performances from Mikayla Kane and Nehimiah Goode, but it was not quite enough as the team lost by one basket. Four players each contributed with one made shot, including Alexia Yavalar, Kieran Grumley, Blaine Jenefsky and Amy Modderman.

Premier Division (14-17)

In the opening game of the tournament, Tortilla Bay narrowly beat Rotten Ralph’s by a score of 50-48, advancing it to the next round against The Gathering Place.T ommy Price propelled his Tortilla Bay team with a 16-point performance and received help with nine points from Daniel Pimentel and eight more from Kyle Parsons. Blake Rivers, of Rotten Ralph’s, led all scorers with 19 points, but it was not enough to clinch the victory, as it suffered its first loss.

Tortilla Bay was matched up against The Gathering Place in the next round, in which the latter team won 41-35. The Gathering Place had monster games of 18 and 16 points from Kyle Aritt and Chandler Hardy, respectively. Tortilla Bay was led by 10 point games from Price and Christian Hightower and played Rotten Ralphs in the consolation bracket with the winner moving on to the championship game.

In this re-match of the first round game, Rotten Ralphs captured the win 47-45 in a very close game. Forrest Schield and Brandon Gengler led the winning team with 18 and 13 points, respectively. JT Goode and Luke Shackelford chipped in with 4 points a piece to help clinch the win. Tortilla Bay was led by 17 points from Price, 10 from Max Miller, 8 from Hightower and 7 by Travis Belsito as they were eliminated from contention in their division’s preseason tournament.

The championship game featured The Gathering Place and Rotten Ralph's, with the latter prevailing 43-38. Schield led Rotten Ralphs with 18 points and making seven of 11 free throws, including 9 points from Goode and 7 from both Gengler and Daniel Janisch. Kyle Aritt led all scorers with 21 points in the losing effort and received help with 9 points from Wyatt Hoffman and 8 from Hardy. Rotten Ralphs will have a chance to play for the number one seed going into the playoffs by winning this tournament, if it does not finish the season in first place.

Golfers spring into action

From the April 21, 2010 Issue

It’s already spring, and the golfers at Key Royale Club are loving it.

Omer Trolard, Frank Vikingstad, Bob Dickinson and Bill Gallagher took first place in the men’s weekly nine-hole tournament on Monday, April 12, with a two-best-balls of foursome score of 50. Second place went to Carl Voyles, Dick Eichhorn, Pete Weir and Bill Shuman with a score of 52. There was a tie for third place with a score of 53 for the team of Ed Havlik, Bill Melvin, Earl Ritchie and Skip Armstrong and Bob King, Blake Graham, Jon Lindwall and Dave Kruger.

On Wednesday, April 14, Joe Dickinson and Gerry Taylor won the men’s weekly 18-hole tournament with a two-best-balls of foursome score of 107. Second place was a tie between Bob Dickinson and Omer Trolard and Bill Gallagher and Dan Hayes with scores of 110. Third place was also a tie with the teams of Jim MacVicar and Pieter Thomassen and Jim Krumme and Dave Kruger with scores of 111.

Frankie Smith-Williams, Gordon McKinna, Don Ledford and Jerry Brown took first place in the co-ed tournament on Friday, April 16, with a score of 107. Second place went to Jane Winegarden, Earl Huntzinger, Matt Behan and Jim Finn who score 108.

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