The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

Vol. 9 No. 37 - June 3, 2009


One season ends ...while another begins

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Summer fun Bella Land takes one of many trips down the
inflatable slide at the Anna Maria Island Community Center’s
End of School Extravaganza. SUN PHOTO/TOM VAUGHT

The Anna Maria Island Community Cen-ter hosted its End of School Year Extrava-ganza last Saturday with fun things to do while the Flag Football League All Stars played and the league’s divisions held their championship games.

There were things to climb, bounce on and slide across for the kids not playing football plus the Center sold food and snacks inside. As the name implied, it was more than a celebration of the end of the football season. It was also the celebration of the eve of summer vacation for school kids across Manatee County. A time when kids actifities include the beach, sports and trips with the family.

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