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Vol. 9 No. 35 - May 20, 2009


Flag football action heats up as season winds down

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PHOTO/BILLY MALFESE Logan Reiber (Texans- carrying ball)
tries to juke out Brandon Blandford of the Packers..

As the last full week of the regular season came to a close on Saturday, the playoff picture is becoming clearer every day. Even though the season is winding down, the postseason is shaping up to be very exciting and competitive. On Saturday, May 30 the season will come to an end with the Super Bowl and All-Star games for each division played at the Community Center, including the awards ceremony after the last game. In addition to the games, the AMICC will be hosting an End of School Extravaganza to celebrate the conclusion of the school year and flag football season. The all day event will wrap-up the season in style and provide plenty of food, fun and entertainment for all ages.

Monday, May 11
8-9 Division
Panoramic Cardinals 22
Island Dojo Martial Arts 6

The Cardinals were lead to victory by a pair of touchdown runs from the speedy Jack Mello. The Jaguars lone score came on a touchdown reception by Tyler Yavalar.

8-9 Division
Ross Built Chargers 19
Mr. Bones BBQ Vikings 12

The Chargers defense held strong as the Vikings last-minute scoring drive was unsuccessful. Morgan Hackworth and Alex Virgilio both had trips to the end zone, with Jake Ross returning an interception back for a touchdown for the Chargers.

Tuesday, May 12
8-9 Division
Panoramic Cardinals 32
RLS Industries Patriots 0

A pair of touchdowns from both Michael Latimer and Jack Mello allowed the Cardinals to cruise to an easy win over the Patriots. Tyler Pearson added a touchdown run of his own, with Latimer also accounting for two successful two-point conversions. The Patriots were held scoreless despite playing hard all game.

10-12 Division
Sand Dollar Colts 20
Ross Built Chargers 14

The Colts held on for a nail-biter of a victory as they prevented the Chargers from scoring near the end of the game. Nick Mello of the Colts had two touchdowns in the game, with Michael Duffman also accounting for a touchdown and two-point conversion. The Chargers were lead by Jake Ross, who had two trips into the end zone and a two-point conversion by Alex Virgilio.

Wednesday, May 13
10-12 Division
Galati Yacht Sales Texans 27
Mike Norman Realty Packers 14

The Texans remained undefeated on the season as they managed to hold on for the win against the Packers. Chris Galati had a touchdown run, with Zach McGuire and Joey Salinas also contributing with a trip to the end zone. The Packers received points from touchdowns by Jack Shinn and Jacob Talucci.

13-16 Division
Island Real Estate Colts 30
Strategic Ministries Cowboys 22

The Colts managed to hang on for the close victory as they received a pair of touchdowns from Zach Facheris, along with scores from Kyle Parsons and Aaron Vanhook. The Cowboys received their points with touchdowns from J.D. Jackson, Aaron King and Luke Schackelford.

Thursday, May 14
10-12 Division
Sand Dollar Colts 32
Mike Norman Realty Packers 14

The Colts offense poured on the points in this matchup, as brother’s Michael and Brad Duffman accounted for three of four touchdowns scored. Michael had two trips to the end zone, including a successful two-point conversion, with Brad accounting for a touchdown of his own. Jack Shinn led the Packers with a long rushing touchdown and successful two-point conversion, with Morgan Greig also accounting for a touchdown as well.

13-16 Division
Island Real Estate Colts 33
Beach Bistro Cardinals 26

The Colts upset an undefeated Cardinals team in an offensive shootout that came down to the last drive of the game. The Colts defense played solid when it counted, stopping the Cardinals last minute efforts to come back. The Colts had two touchdowns from Aaron Vanhook, who received help with a touchdown by Kyle Parsons, Wyatt Hoffman and Zach Facheris. Jordan Grabski of the Cardinals had three touchdown receptions to lead the team.

Friday, May 15
10-12 Division
Galati Yacht Sales Texans 27
Mr. Bones BBQ Vikings 18

The Texans continued their winning ways and remained undefeated this season with a 27-18 victory over the Vikings. It was a very close matchup for the entire game until the Texans had two quick touchdowns late in the second half to pull away. Chris Galati and Logan Reiber both had two visits to the end zone; as both players and Joey Salinas also converted on extra-point attempts. Richard Almodovar of the Vikings led the team with two touchdowns, with Ben Connors also helping with a touchdown as well.

8-9 Division
Sparks Steel Art Falcons 20
RLS Patriots 0

The Falcons played solid football on both offense and defense as they shut out the Patriots in this matchup. Dylan Joseph led the Falcons with a pair of touchdowns, while Joey Stewart contributed with a touchdown too. The Falcons defense also managed a safety against the Patriots for another two points to round out the scoring.

Saturday, May 16
13-16 Division
Strategic Ministries Cowboys 32
Beach Bistro Cardinals 28

The Cowboys earned their first victory of the season in this very competitive age group, defeating the Cardinals by a narrow margin. Nick Papazian, of the Cowboys, played exceptionally well, scoring two touchdowns and converting an extra-point conversion. The Cardinals Danny Doyle picked off two passes and returned both back to the end zone for a pair of scores to lead the team.


The final score in the game between the Panoramic Cardinals and Sparks Steel Art Falcons on May 8 was 24-18 in favor of the Cardinals.

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