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Vol. 9 No. 21 - February 11, 2009


Division III, Premier too close to call

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PHOTO/CHRIS GRUMLEY Rotten Ralph's Matt Bauer, looks to tip
in the rebound as Ralph's beat Island Real Estate 52-38.

Two regular season division champions have been decided in the Community Center’s basketball league but two others look like they’re going down to the last few games.

In Division I, Dips Ice Cream clinched the top spot Saturday afternoon with a convincing win over second-place Fronius to post an 8-3 record. After starting the season 1-3, the Dips squad now has won seven games in a row.

In Division II, the race was over long ago with Sand Dollar running away with it at 10-1.

It’s a different story, however, in Division III and the Premier division. As of Saturday, Rotten Ralph’s at 7-4 holds a one-game lead over A Paradise Realty, which is 6-5 for the season. Both teams have one game left, with each of them playing Bradenton Academy. This is still anyone’s title to win, including Bradenton Academy’s, which was heading into Monday night’s game against Ralph’s with a 5-5 record. A win in that contest would tie them for second and set up Wednesday’s night’s game against A Paradise as a battle for first.

In Division III it’s a two team race between Ross Built at 9-2 and Jessie’s at 8-3. Each team had one game left this week, with Jessie’s scheduled to play Coastal Orthopaedics Monday night and Ross set to play Air and Energy on Wednesday. Ross Built controls its own destiny and can clinch the division with a win to go 10-2.

Feb 2
Division II
Longboat Observer 21, Panaramic 7

Josh Zawistoski and Chase Lewis were on hand to the tune of 17 points for Longboat Observer, the team that has remained in second place throughout the season – a solid performance once the team found its feet after a shaky first quarter. Longboats opponents, Panaramic, often hardworking had little to show for its efforts, offering too little too late, with Jacque Lynn Armer scoring four.

Division 1
Dips Ice Cream 54, Island Family Physicians 25

Justin Gargett was on fire as Dips edged away from the pack in Division 1. Gargett had 27 points, which included an excellent seven from 10 at the line, while Helios Gomez netted 10 and Brennan Gallagher and Max Miller each had six. Dips took its foot off the gas in the fourth quarter after building up a comfortable lead. Lee Bergeron top scored with 12 points.


Feb 3
Division II
E-Training Solutions 19, Sand Dollar 12

A valiant effort saw E Training take on and thwart an unbeaten Sand Dollar squad. Blaine Jenefsky worked tirelessly for his nine points, aided and abetted by his teammates, and even though only two points were mustered in the fourth by way of Mikey Elsworth, it was Sand Dollar which drew a blank. Cameron Brauner scored nine for Sand Dollar, a team that has finally tasted defeat but which already has the division title won.

Division 1
Fronius 34, Island Family Physicians 29

Still reeling from its mauling at the hands of Dips, this was a more determined Island Family Physicians that, although depleted and unable to field a sub, gave as good as it got before fading in the fourth quarter. Lee Bergeron had 11 points, Daniel Pimental and Zach Guerin combined for 15. Fronius, consistent throughout, was able to turn it on again in the fourth quarter to secure victory. Chris Galati was the top scorer with 14 points, Savannah Schield had nine.

Premier Division
Rotten Ralph's 46, A Paradise 36

It's not over until the final whistle but Rotten Ralph's did the damage in the first half with A Paradise unable to catch up. Matt Bauer, top scorer for Ralph's with 20, was consistent throughout, while Daniel Janisch had 11 and Chandler Hardy worked hard for his eight. Kyle Arrit scored 20 points for A Paradise and Troy Koszewski had 12.

Feb 4
Division III
Ross Built 21, Jessie's Island Store 11

This battle at the top of Division III got off to a shaky start with both teams unable to find the basket. Jessie's didn't find it until the third quarter, by which time Ross Built was up by 11.

Premier Division
Island Real Estate 48, Bradenton Prep 39

For the second time this week we have seen a team take it to the limit in the first half, leaving its opponents all to do in the second half to keep pace. That was the story here as Island Real Estate powered to the halftime buzzer, outscoring its opponents by 17 points. Celia Ware led the scoring with 14 and teammate Forrest Schield had 12. Bradenton Prep's Jason Shkodnic scored 26, which included a 10 point fourth quarter.

Feb 5
Division III
A & E 19, Coastal Orthopedic 12

Air & Energy's 19 was enough but it could have been more if the team had taken advantage of the many chances it was given at the free throw line, only converting one of 13. At the end the more consistent of the two teams got the victory and edged a little way off the bottom of the division.

Division I
Dips Ice Cream 46, Fronius 28

There's no stopping Dips at the moment and Justin Gargett, Dips top scorer with 17, is just outright dangerous. Fronius had a hard time dealing with its opponents physical presence but it was a good show from Travis Belsito with 11 and Savannah Schield with 8. Dips is now alone in first place.

Feb 6
Division III
Jessie's 24, Air & Energy 18

Jessie's Seth Walter had reason to celebrate here as he led with scoring with 14, helping his team to victory. Michael Latimer had 12 for Air & Energy but the team had a lackluster finish allowing Jessie's to capitalize.

Ross Built 22, Coastal Orthopedic 8

Coach Greg Ross had to give it up to the whole team here winning this based on a combined effort. Gavin Sentman was the game’s top scorer with eight points as Ross put in another solid performance.

Feb 7
Premier Division
Bradenton Prep 18, A Paradise 17

A low scoring affair in which both teams no doubt missed their power players and one in which A Paradise Coach Koszewski will not appreciate going under. Bradenton Prep squeaks by in this one.

Ralph's 52, Island Real Estate 38

Island Real Estate put in a valiant effort, with Chris Pate and Forrest Schield both scoring 11 points, backed up by Joe Karasiewicz and Trevor Bystrom who combined for 16. It was Matt Bauer's ability to rise to the occasion, though, that secured the win for Rotten Ralph's. Bauer had 24 points and worked hard all game. Wyatt Hoffman, Daniel Janisch and Blake Rivers also were notable for Ralph's.

Division II
E-Training 9, Longboat Observer 3

E Training takes this one and relies on Blaine Jenefsky's steady hand at the free throw line.

Division 1
Dips Ice Cream 46, Fronius 25

A depleted Fronius couldn't keep pace with a full strength and determined Dips. Justin Gargett with 19 and Max Miller with 14 did most of the damage but it was a strong 17- point, fourth-quarter team effort that enabled Dips to clinch its division with this win.

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