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Vol. 9 No. 21 - February 11, 2009


The future is coming to a home near you

It’s probably hard to envision right now that some day your biggest problem may be whether or not your iPhone is communicating with your oven, but chances are it will. When we finally get through our real estate valley of fatigue, there is plenty of new technology just waiting to be installed within the walls of new homes and added to our existing homes.

Did you know that one day walls will talk? Yep, refrigerators will provide information on energy usage or mechanical problems to their owners and even convey malfunctions to manufacturers and repair company data bases. Your air conditioner will let you know if it’s leaking, and even the lumber in your walls could have sensors to detect moisture, something that Florida residents would welcome.

If you think about how the computer in your car works, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine monitors on your appliances and on the walls of your home, giving you feedback and a heads up on problems. Just like your car’s on board computer tells you everything that’s going on under the hood, your home’s appliances, systems and internal structure can tell you where it hurts.

Working from home is definitely the future of telecommunicating, so you better get your home ready with properly designed and designated office locations. In our world wide economy, it’s not only more efficient to attend meetings via a computer equipped with a television monitor, it’s also the green way to go. Properly ventilated flat screens with wall speakers for telecommunicating need to be considered and designed as part of a master building or renovation plan. Even if you and your family’s needs don’t require high tech office space now, it would be smart to consider the value added in having this space when selling your home down the road.

All future electronic systems will be integrated in new homes for the entire family to use via touch panels programmed for individual family members’ needs. For older citizens or children, home alone systems will be designed to coordinate with off site healthcare or emergency providers.

Think whole house media systems that are centrally located to feed games, movies, music and Internet service to all the rooms of your home. Also, if you’re building a new home, consider which walls you might want to install the roll-out of film that will become an organic LED display replacing conventional monitors and flat screens in the not too distant future.

The upcoming decade is all about green and sustainable building, so continue to purchase Energy Star appliances and products manufactured with renewable resources. Consider energy management thermostats, central vacuums and smart window treatments that will lower energy usage and increase home values.

Be on the look out for on the go technology since being on the go is not going away. Having the ability to adjust the thermostat in your home because of a last minute schedule change or getting your weekend home ready before you arrive will all be managed from your cell phone on a normal basis.

Adding new technology to your home will become just as important to the next generation of home buyers as granite countertops and sub-zero refrigerators were to the last. The more user friendly your home is the more friendly the 30-something buyers will be – an important consideration as we start to climb up the valley we’ve been stuck in.

Real Estate Transactions
Closed sales between Oct. 27 and Nov. 29, 2008

Anna Maria

209 Chilson Ave.           Single family            $700,000
207 Palm Ave.           Lot            675,000
207 Coconut Ave.           Single family            570,000
333 Tarpon St.            Lot            550,000
112 Willow Ave. #A&B           Two or more            470,000
518 South Dr.           Single family            465,000
868 North Shore Dr.           Single family            415,000
420 Spring Ave.           Single family            400,000
204 Oak Ave.           Lot            290,000
522 Pine Ave. #4D           Condo            275,000
522 Pine Ave. #2C           Condo            240,000

Bradenton Beach

2114 Ave A           Single family            $675,000
1900 Gulf Dr. N. #12           Condo           475,000

1906 Gulf Dr. N. #201           Condo            160,000
2601 Gulf Dr. N. #312           Mobile            85,000
2601 Gulf Dr. N. #100           Mobile            83,400


4510 119th St. W.           Lot            $307,500

Holmes Beach

541 Key Royale Dr.           Single family            $1,050,000
634 Key Royale Dr.           Single family            580,000
521 70th St.            Single family            470,000
4102 4th Ave. #5 & 6            Multi-family            450,000
3607 E. Bay Dr. #204           Condo            242,000
5609 Guava St. #A & B          Duplex            239,900
6200 Flotilla Dr. #315           Condo            210,000
6300 Flotilla Dr. #79           Condo            195,000

Source: Manatee County Property Appraiser’s Office

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