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Vol. 9 No. 18 - January 21, 2009


Sand Dollar stays unbeaten in Division II

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PHOTO/CHRIS GRUMLEY JoJo Rogers looks to take control of the
ball as Beach Bistro beat his Sandbar team 20-6.

Instructional Division
Beach Bistro 20, Sandbar 6

Andy Proctor’s team continues to dominate this division, with Joey Stewart and Aidan Grumley doing the damage. Bo Arner and Jo Rogers scored for Sandbar.

Division 3
Air & Energy 20, Coastal Orthopedic 9

Michael Latimer and Tyler Yavalar scored for Air & Energy as Coastal struggled to keep pace, offering nothing in the second half.

Premier Division
Bradenton Prep 25, Rotten Ralph's 23

Ralph's powerhouse duo Matt Bauer and Daniel Janisch came up with the points but also came up against a revitalized Bradenton Prep, a team that has obviously worked hard during the break. Edward Brown and Jason Shkodnic starred as their team won this one by two.

Jan 13
Division 1
Fronius 25, Island Family Physicians 24

Close game in which Fronius shooting guard Travis Belsito led the team to victory, posting 19 points. Lee Bergeron and Mallory Kosfeld were excellent for Island Family the team that just fell short.

Jan 14
Instructional Division
Beach Bistro 4, Walter and Associates 0

A case of back to the drawing board for the coaches here. Beach Bistro's Joey Stewart hit two of four at the line and a late basket sealed the game.

Division 3
Ross Built 24, Coastal Orthopedic 2

A Ross Built rout as coach Belsito looks to cement his position. Andrew and Jake Ross combined for 18 points as Coastal struggled to keep up, with Emma Monuese the only scorer.

Premier Division
A Paradise 41, Island Real Estate 29

A valiant effort from Island Real Estate but it wasn't enough. The whole team worked tirelessly throughout this one but A Paradise was just too strong. Kyle Arrit and Troy Koszewski led from the front, combining for 25.

Jan 15
Instructional Division
Sandbar 12, Walter and Associates 2

Ten big points for Jo Jo Rogers as this young athlete takes the game by the scruff of the neck. This was an excellent display of tenacity that must have been rewarding for Coach Imes.

Division 3
Jessie's Island Store 14, Air & Energy 12

Air & Energy's Michael Latimer was restricted to only six points as Jessie’s pulled this one out in the fourth quarter.

Premier Division
A Paradise 46, Rotten Ralph's 34

With Ralph's Matt Bauer and Wyatt Hoffman missing, it was always going to be difficult against a full strength A Paradise side. Chandler Hardy had 12, Daniel Janisch scored seven and Chris Callahan and Blake Rivers both had six, all in vain for Ralph's as Kyle Arrit once again proved his worth posting 21 for A Paradise. Troy Koszewski continues his excellent record with 14 more points.

Jan 16
Division 2
Sand Dollar 26, Panaramic 13

Burke McCampbell-Hill and Cameron Brauner scored the majority of Sand Dollar’s points, making life difficult for Panaramic.

Longboat Observer 16 , E-Training Solutions 12

A close contest in which E-Training left it a little too late with Blaine Jenefsky and Mikey Elsworth trying in vain.

Division 1
Fronius 32, Dips Ice Cream 28

Dips Coach Mattay will not have been happy with this one, the only difference being the first quarter in which Fronius outscored his young charges by 6 points. Dips Justin Gargett had an excellent third quarter, scoring 10 of 12, but Savannah Schield killed Dips with 17 and teammates Jefferson Bachler, Travis Belsito, Chris Galati and Taylor Wilson all contributed.

Little League sign-ups

Registration and tryouts for the 2009 Little League season at Anna Maria Island Community Center will be held on Friday, Jan. 23, from 5 to 7 p.m. and Saturday, Jan. 24, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Center baseball field. A final day of tryouts also is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 31, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Registration already is under way at the Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria, and will continue throughout the rest of the month. Children from ages 5 to 16 who live within the AMICC Little League boundaries are eligible to enroll and play. Registration is required even if the child played previously.

The cost is $85 for the minors, majors and junior/senior divisions and $60 for T-ball and pony divisions.

This year, Little League will offer the following:
• Friday Night Lights games for parents and players throughout the season
• Instructional clinics highlighting hitting, fielding and pitching.
• Five different age groups – T-ball, pony, minors, majors and Junior/senior divisions.
• Family Fun Day and Home Run Derby Day
• Championship playoffs for all divisions except T-ball.
• Trophies for all players plus division and playoff winners
• Representation in various area all star tournaments.

For more information, Call Bob Vita at the Center, 778-1908 or e-mail

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