The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

Vol. 9 No. 18 - January 21, 2009


Cold hinders horseshoe turnout

Four teams competed for the trophy on Wednesday, Jan. 14, before the cold weather hit. In the semifinal, Jerry Disbrow and Ted Powers easily defeated Al Norman and Bruce Munroe by a score of 21 to 13. In the other semifinal competition, Gene (Horseshoe-shirt) Bobledyk and Bryan Waqar defeated Hank Huygne and David Batchelder in a closer match 22 to 15. Disbrow and Powers were really hot and went on to win easily 21 to 8.

Saturday saw only two teams in competition for the trophy, due to the frigid temperatures. The two Johns – Johnson and Crawford – defeated Al Norman and Jerry Disbrow in what started as a nip and tuck battle. After the score was tied for the last time at 12, the two Johns went on a tear to win 22 to 13.

Join the fun every Wednesday and Saturday at the horseshoe pits at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, at the corner of Gulf Drive and Pine Avenue. Team selection starts around 8:45 a.m. and play begins at 9 a.m.

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