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Vol. 9 No. 8 - November 12, 2008


Mr. Bones, Ross Built, W.C. Air take divisions

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SUN PHOTO/CHRIS GRUMLEY Maddy Valadie tries to take the ball around Jack Walter In
Division I as Island Real Estate try to upset the party by beating Ross Built 4-2 late in the season

Soccer season at the Community Center is over for another year. The introduction of a division that allowed kids as young as four to take part was a resounding success and made up some of the numbers lost due to the not so bad bridge closure.

Improvements were made by volunteer coaches who worked diligently with their teams, looking to take an advantage early on in the quest for top honors and a division title. It's good to see these young athletes coming through the ranks, showing skills not apparent in seasons past, playing in synch with their teammates, making fluid passes, striking for goal or defending their ranks.

Runaway leaders and eventual Division II champions, Mr. Bones, relied heavily on striker Michael Latimer, who was responsible for the majority of goals scored. Coach Wash did an excellent job with the defense, and this shows in a record of only one loss late in the season at the hands of Panoramic.

Ross Built had a harder time in Division I, Mike Norman Realty breathing down its neck the whole time. Coach Greg Ross narrowly missed a division title last season and he dug his heels in this time around winning the title by six points. Island Real Estate was one loss shy of second place and Autoway did make it difficult on occasion, Coach Dell never one to give it up.

West Coast Air powered its way to the Premier Division title and is the only team unbeaten across all divisions with an 11-0-1 record. Its nearest rivals could only muster a 5-5-2 in response and were a full 17 points back in second place.

Fast paced, well organized in all areas West Coast Air, with talent in abundance, sailed to victory under the direction of Coach Bill Bystrom.

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