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Vol. 9 No. 5 - October 22, 2008


Battle on in Division I

Mr. Bones may just be too far in front to be caught in Division II. West Coast Air has had an excellent season so far and seems unbeatable in the Premier Division. The battle is in Division I between Ross Built and Mike Norman Realty. Both teams have abundant offensive talent, the goals coming well and often from Jake and Andrew Ross for Ross Built and Mike Norman's Mikey Elsworth among others. Looking rock solid in defense and both teams with excellent goal keepers, these two teams will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Oct. 13
Division II
Mr. Bones 6, Sparks Steel Art 2

Two goals can, often times, be enough to take the prize, Dylan Joseph and Jacob Talucci on target and trying to hand Coach Nate Talucci his first win of the season. It's never enough when you are up against a player who is fast paced, skillful in possession and has this uncanny ability to instinctively know where the goal is. Michael Latimer scored six times in this encounter, keeping Mr.Bones at the top of the division, unbeaten and if coaches can't find a way to restrict Latimer this will happen time and time again.

Premier Division
Wash Family Construction 2 LaPensee Plumbing 1

Keeping pace with division leaders West Coast Air must have been on the minds of all concerned. This was a tightly fought contest in both offense and defense, both teams having been on the losing end last time out and desperate for three points. Danny Krokroskia broke down the defense and beat the keeper to give LaPensee a shout, but Emma Barlow was LaPensee's undoing, scoring twice for Wash Family Construction.

Oct. 14
Autoway 4, Island Real Estate 3

Coach Scott Dell drafted well for Autoway, building a team that features a handful of players that were on a championship winning side last season. His ability to be able to change it up in offense is a big plus and both Josh Zawistoski and Henrik Brusso bagged a couple. Island Real Estate kept pace and stayed in this game but was missing a key ingredient. Ray Fano, who has worked well with offensive partner Neil Carper all season, was absent. It was Carper, scoring two and Madison Gunn with one that made this a very exciting game.

Premier Division
Harcon Corp 5, Wash Family Construction 5

It was end to end throughout with some very excellent offensive play with both teams looking a little shaky in defense. Emma Barlow is on fire, scoring two more, two for Chris Callahan with Julian Botero getting in on the act. Harcon looked to have won it at one stage, Coach David Pate working hard with the team in practice, building a fast offensive unit that had Chris Pate with a hat trick and goals in for Hunter Parrish and Helio Gomez. Points shared.

Oct .15
Division I
Mike Norman Realty, 2 Ross Built 2

Mike Norman Realty really needed to win here and close the three point gap at the top of the division, but it wasn't to be. Coach Greg Ross has built a team around Jake Ross, who scored along with brother Andrew, who also bagged one. In reply, it was left to the responsible Mikey Elsworth, the on form and on target striker who just can't stop scoring, adding two more goals to his already healthy tally for the season. It could have been more, but Morgan Greig for Mike Norman and Jack Walters for Ross Built are keepers that both look good between the sticks.

Premier Division
West Coast Air 4, LaPensee Plumbing 0

Mention these three names on the same team in any sport played at the Community Center and you know you have a winning combination. Chandler Hardy, Daniel Pimental and Trevor Bystrom netted the goals that keep West Coast Air firmly planted at the top of the Premier Division. When you look at a supporting cast that features the likes of Zach Evans, William Brusso, Jack Titsworth and Max Miller, you understand why LaPensee had a hard time trying to break through. There was nothing coach Parkin could do and West Coast is the powerhouse unbeaten runaway leader.

Oct. 16
Division II
Coastal Orthopedic 2, Sparks Steel Art 1

Both these teams were winless to this point, and it was a hotly contested game fought with an abundance of young talent. This is where skills are developed, where natural ability is discovered, and both teams have come together to play as a unit and not so much individuals. Dylan Joseph, who had been on target earlier this week, scored for Sparks. In reply it was Miles Fischer and Luke Valadie with the goals, securing all three points and giving coach Arthur Valadie his first win on the season.

Mr. Bones 1, Panoramic 0

It has been said before that if you want to beat Mr. Bones, you have to restrict a certain Michael Latimer. Panoramic coach Wayne Sewall did just that. With some savvy marking Latimer was only able to score once. This was a job well done by Panoramic but it was unable to answer and couldn't get a goal back. Nevertheless, we have now seen a close contest, played out by the respective first and second placed teams in this division.

AMICC Soccer Schedule

Instructional League (4-5 years old)

Wed., Oct. 22, 6:30 p.m. Beach Bistro vs. Rotten Ralph’s
Thursday, Oct. 23, 6:30 p.m. Panoramic vs.Air & Energy
Monday, Oct. 27, 6:30 p.m. Panoramic vs. Beach Bistro
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 6:30 p.m. Beach Bistro vs. West Coast Surf
Wed., Oct. 29, 6:30 p.m. Rotten Ralph’s vs. Air & Energy

Division III (6-7 years old)

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 7 p.m. Sandbar vs. Jessie’s Island Store
Thursday, Oct. 23, 7 p.m. Sanddollar vs. A.M. Glass & Screen
Monday, Oct. 27, 7 p.m. Jessie’s Island Store vs. A.M. Glass & Screen
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 7 p.m. Jessie’s Island Store vs. Oyster Bar

Division II (8-9 years old)

Wed., Oct. 22, 6:30 p.m. Mr. Bones vs. Coastal Orthopedic
Friday, Oct. 24, 6:30 p.m. Panoramic vs. Coastal Orthopedic
Monday, Oct. 27, 6:30 p.m. Panoramic vs. Mr. Bones
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 6:30 p.m. Sparks vs. Coastal Orthopedic

Division I (10-11 years old)

Thursday, Oct. 23, 6:30 p.m. Mike Norman Realty vs. Autoway Ford
Friday, Oct. 24, 7:30 p.m. Ross Built vs. Autoway Ford
Friday, Oct. 24, 8 p.m. Mike Norman Realty vs. Island Real Estate
Monday, Oct. 27, 7:30 p.m. Ross Built vs. Autoway Ford
Wed., Oct. 29, 6:30 p.m. Mike Norman Realty vs. Ross Built

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