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Vol. 9 No. 3 - October 8, 2008


Skimmers bridge the gap

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

SUN PHOTO/CINDY LANE Roman Revells, of St. Petersburg

BRADENTON BEACH – From three-year-old Callen Achor to 60-year-old Thom Holloway, skimboard contestants of all ages had a blast at the BeachHouse/West Coast Surf Shop Skim Comp in Bradenton Beach on Sunday.

The event was one of dozens of Bridging the Gap happenings organized during the six-week Anna Maria Island Bridge closure by The Anna Maria Island Sun.

While all the competitors were amateurs, three pros showed up to judge part of the contest and do skim demonstrations – Dion Davis, Dave "Monster" Armstrong and Steve Bradford, who’s ranked seventh in the world. Also judging were Andrew Fortenberry, Tommy Rudek and Brad Hamilton.

With occasional small waves giving contestants a chance to show off their sprays, and intermittent dolphin and sailboat regatta sightings behind the action, the 150 or so spectators had plenty to enjoy.

Beach umbrellas and tents did double duty fending off both the midday sun and the late afternoon showers that cooled off the beach. Noticeably absent was any sign of red tide, a harmful algae being researched at Mote Marine Laboratory, partly with the proceeds from the competition’s entry fees.

"It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it," said Jim Voeste, of Boardheads, who coordinated the event and brought in announcer Joe Bonk, of Daytona Beach, to supply endless energy, little-known facts and plenty of admiration for the contestants.

With contestants’ lunches provided by the BeachHouse, trophies for the top three skimmers in each division provided by The Sun and gift packages handed out courtesy of the West Coast Surf Shop to those who correctly answered trivia questions, the competition produced smiles all around.

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Skimboard Bash winners

8 and under
1. Anthony Montrone
2. Ethan Bertrand
3. Brandon Mills
4. Dylan McIntosh

Menehunes 9-11
1. Turner Tenney
2. Blaine Jenefsky
3. Neil Carper
4. Michael Burke

Boys 12-14
1. Jack Tenney
2. Jarred Nevins
3. Mickey Kendall
4. Luke Shackelford

Junior Men 15-17
1. Alex Applefield
2. Adam Barker
3. Danny Montrone
4. Chris Cover

Men 18-21
1. Chris Brown
2. Ben Leonard
3. Austin Piazza
4. Justin White

Senior Men 22 and up
1. Travis Gero
2. John Gray
3. John Schrader
4. Jim Voeste

Girls 14 and under
1. Ansley White
2. Alix Bracic
3. Lexi North
4. Heather Hislip

Women 15 and up
1. Michelle Frioud
2. Melanie Gannon
3. Rainia Lardas

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