Vol. 8 No. 34 - May 14, 2008


Little League season winds down

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

SUN PHOTO/CHRIS GRUMLEY Neil Carper takes a chance but is tagged
out at home plate by the Dick’s Sporting catcher. West Coast Surf Shop
lost the game to Dicks 6-6 at G.T. Bray Saturday.

Dick’s Sporting Goods 6 - West Coast Surf Shop 5

West Coast Surf Shop’s Minors squad has come a long way this season under the direction of coaches Robert Vita and Mike Brusso. The team has enjoyed some good support and this was in evidence Saturday at G.T. Bray Park as parents filled the bleachers.

The big plastic owl in Dick’s Sporting Goods dugout is offered to the most outstanding player in each game and The Owls, according to Coach Ed Genewick, are nocturnal, preferring to stand around and stare in early morning match ups.

First up for West Coast was Devon Cole, who singled to left field and eventually scored on a steal. Blaine Jenefsky, Henrik Brusso and Neil Carper all stole home as the pitcher looked to get command of his pitches.

This first inning was a lengthy one and, just before a change, the pitcher found the plate to strike one out. The change worked as the next two batters for West Coast were struck out. Blaine Jenefsky opened the pitching for West Coast and soon had a strike. Too many walks and two runs scored saw a pitching change as Neil Carper came in. Carper allowed one run and struck out two, with West Coast leading 4-2 at the top of the second.

The first inning took a staggering 55 minutes to complete, but there would be none of that in the second as West Coast was struck out swinging in quick succession. Neil Carper, looking solid on the mound, yielded a hit to center field for a triple with the runner stealing home. After striking out the next batter, an error in center field would allow the batter to reach first base before Blaine Jenefsky and Mikey Ellsworth came together for an out at first.

With a runner in scoring position, Neil Carper, gaining confidence with every pitch, struck out the next batter, and the game was tied going in to the third.

Henrik Brusso, looking to hit one out of the park on a full count, was walked and came round to score his team’s sole run in the top of the stanza.

West Coast showed some good defense in the third, and there was an excellent play at first between Henrik Brusso and Mikey Ellsworth. A runner tried to steal home and managed to slide underneath the tag, the umpire calling safe on the play and the game was now tied. Neil Carper pitching, hitting one and striking out two before a change as Mikey Ellsworth came in to close the game out. It wasn’t to be as a runner from third came charging home on an errant pitch and Dick’s Sporting Goods took this one 6-5.

Island Sun 7 - Yankees 6

The Sun gained a measure of revenge with this win Thursday evening at the Community Center, as the Yankees had defeated them earlier in the season on a 10-run mercy rule.

But it was a much improved Sun team that the Yankees faced this night, with solid defense, good pitching and timely hitting. Sun pitchers Parker Keegan, Austin Morrow and Joey Salinas combined for a fine performance, limiting their opponents to only a few hits.

On offense, the Sun was led by again by cleanup hitter Connor Field, who went 2-2 with two homeruns and four RBIs, finishing the season batting a hefty .807. Chris Mundel, Joey Salinas, Parker Keegan and Henry Bernet also had hits for The Sun squad, which picked up a win by forfeit on Saturday for its fifth victory of the year.

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Two teams remain unbeaten

The season continues on the field behind the fire station in Holmes Beach. Only two teams remain unbeaten and they are Ross Built Buccaneers in Divison Three and AMI Video Buccaneers in Division One.

Monday, May 5
Division Two
Mr Bones Steelers 46 - Mike Norman Realty Browns 20

The Browns had a little trouble containing a rampant Steelers side that almost scored from every position. Connor Field, Blaine Jenefsky, Morgan Hackworth, Michael Garza and Jared Wacaser all scored a touchdown. Jenefsky and Josh Zawistoski helped themselves to a couple of defensive touchdowns and the team came up with four one-point conversions. In reply, it was Luke Shackleford with three touchdowns for the Browns and Jack Blauvelt made a two point conversion. The Browns, looking much improved, are still trying to secure their first win.

Division One
AMI Video Buccaneers 49 - Pine Avenue Bills 20

Conversion specialist Mackenzie Kosfeld had three one pointers and a touchdown, Daniel Janisch scored a defensive and an offensive touchdown and Brandon Gengler came in with two touchdowns, as did Tommy Price, and the AMI Video Bucs post another win and remain undefeated. The team converted all but one of its touchdowns and is a powerful force. The Bills tried to stay with the pace and it was a hard working Kyle Arrit that got points on the board with two offensive and one defensive touchdown.

Tuesday, May 6
Division Three
LPAC Eagles 18 - Sparks Seahawks 7

The Eagles Tyler Pearson is a livewire and the sole reason for all 18 points. Three touchdowns and good support from the team give Coach Larry Pearson something to smile about. Sophie Bernet had a touchdown that Tyler Yavalar converted for the Seahawks. LPAC Eagles remain undefeated.

Division Two
Galati Marine Chiefs 44 - Americo Title Cowboys 27

The Cowboys took this one on the chin as it ended its unbeaten run. It was a solid performance that saw Logan Reiber with two touchdowns and a two point conversion, Keegan Murphy had a defensive touchdown and a conversion and Austin Morrow had a touchdown. The Chief’s Galati twins put on quite a performance. Anna Maria Galati had a touchdown as brother Chris went bananas scoring six touchdowns and converting two. The Chiefs are a team in the making with good players including Joey and Anthony Cucci, Seth Walters and Lexi Moore, to name but a few.

Thursday, May 8
Division Three
Ross Built Buccaneers 19 - LPAC Eagles 12

Whenever you see a team with Ross in the title these days you instantly think of the Ross twins, Andrew and Jake. I watched these two young athletes in basketball and, more recently, on the baseball field and here they are again scoring touchdowns in flag football. Jake Ross had a touchdown while Andrew had a touchdown and a conversion. Chris Pennewill scored a touchdown as the Buccaneers make it four out of four. The LPAC Eagles were in this game all the way and with two more touchdowns from Tyler Pearson they were only just off the pace.

Division One
Island Animal Clinic Falcons 18 - Pine Avenue Bills 16

This was a close encounter that gives the Falcons its first win of the season. End to end stuff and Chandler Hardy broke through twice with teammate Jack Titsworth also making a touchdown. In response for the Bills was Zach Stewart with offensive and defensive touchdowns and a conversion. Justin Succa also had a conversion and while this is a loss for the Bills, it was a tight match up that could have gone either way.

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